Flag Day Nationalism

Here we are once again forced to look on every variety of American flag flying from every sort of venue. What an ignorant display of Hitleresque nationalism!

Flags waving, people gathering, parades marching, and more unwarranted military and war worship by the collective sheep in America.

I stood up when I turned 16 years old, and said that I would never again in my life salute or pledge allegiance to any worthless piece of cloth. I refuse to sing, or even listen to the “National” Anthem, a tribute to aggressive war, and a worship of the State.

The United States government and its military are responsible for the maiming, slaughter, torture, and murder of tens of millions of innocents all around the world. This has always been, and continues unabated today. Any so-called respect given to a flag, is simply giving mass approval of the murderous activity of this evil government.

It in no way is proper, nor is it legitimate, and shows only contempt for freedom and liberty. Most will hold their hand over their heart, and thank all those who risked and gave their life for this country, when in fact, they gave their lives for nothing other than the State’s political and monetary desires.

This flag waving exposes a false patriotism, and an arrogant attitude of exceptionalism. In fact, it exposes the total ignorance of the masses of this country concerning individual freedom. All freedom is lost with aggression, and all U.S. wars are wars of aggression. Wars and standing armies have destroyed freedom, not the other way around, so every time war and armies are applauded, freedom becomes less evident.

A better way would be to destroy the power of government, and applaud the individual, not continue to support the State apparatus with unwarranted idolatry!

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