Memorial Day Propaganda

This weekend we will all be bombarded with calls to worship the troops. We will be asked to remember all those who sacrificed for our freedoms. We will be inundated with one war movie after another, where the good guys always win, and the bad guys are always evil. There will be parades showing off those military types with their weapons of mass destruction; weapons used to slaughter the innocent.

I for one will refrain from watching or listening to any of that nonsense. Instead, I will hope for a future where U.S. forces are not maiming, torturing, destroying homes, and killing innocents around the world.

Every day since I was born, my liberty has continually been harmed. Every war has caused a massive reduction in freedom, and since September 11, 2001, almost all freedom has been destroyed. So the next time someone without good sense says that we should all thank the military forces for our freedom, ask them what freedom?

It is now “legal” for this heinous government, and on the say so of one man, to capture, indefinitely detain, torture, rendition, or assassinate any American citizen, all without any due process. It is now illegal to speak against or protest any politician when he is accompanied by the secret service. Our privacy has completely disappeared, and spying on citizens is now all encompassing. Any of us can be searched, groped, and molested, all without cause, for simply attempting to travel by any means. Our assets and our private property can be ceased by the agents of the police state. If we decide to leave the U.S., we can have a large part of our saving stolen, and then we will not be allowed back in this country for life.

Freedom, what freedom? None exists!

Soldiers and the military are only good for killing innocents, for protecting and serving the state apparatus and the evil politicians, and helping line the pockets of the war dependent corporations. They do not protect freedom, they eliminate freedom. They do not defend this country, they simply slaughter those in other countries who have never attacked us.

This Memorial Day I will attempt to remember a time when freedom was evident, and war was absent, because when war is evident, freedom is always absent!

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