Armed Troops Patrolling American Neighborhoods!

Paul Watson of Prison Planet wrote this story yesterday about military troops; troops who had previously been deployed to Iraq.

This particular article was about heavily armed troops doing military exercises in the streets of Crookston, Minnesota. Troops patrolling the streets of residential areas in a supposed urban warfare training exercise is scary beyond imagination. First, no military has any business doing any domestic policing. That should not be acceptable to anyone!

The reasons for this training are two fold: First, it is to indoctrinate and intimidate the citizenry so that they are used to this kind of military environment. Secondly, it is being carried out due to the distinct possibility of Martial Law in the future. Once the people get used to the idea of having troops in the streets, it will be much easier to implement Martial Law. Once the population is fully desensitized and even more apathetic, the feds will have little problem controlling them.

Homeland Security’s massive build up of weapons and ammo, military exercises in the streets of America, the passage of the NDAA, the building of holding centers, the checkpoints operated throughout the country, only to name a few of the atrocities going on, are signs of things to come.

It’s time for all to wake up to reality, and to stop this massive assault on our liberty, and stop it now!



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