U.S. Court Of Appeals Rules Against Liberty

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit hasĀ ruled that police can continue to extract private information from cell phones without issuing any warrant. This is just another example of the very corrupt nature of the U.S. court system, and its assault on civil liberties.

It is interesting that this nefarious decision by a state-worshiping judge coincides with the 6th annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. This expo features over 100 exhibitors displaying equipment, including surveillance cameras, radar systems, drones, and other spying gear for use by police departments all over the country. Surveillance of the American populace has become the norm, so surveillance equipment, thanks to this government, and its judges and courts, is now big business.

The slippery slope in this argument is covered with ice. One warrantless search leads to another, this a recipe for massive corruption and abuse. Police in this country are already above the law. They arrest, injure, maim, and murder citizens seemingly with impunity today, and these kinds of rulings opens the door for more injustice.

Richard Posner, the judge in this case should be impeached and disbarred due to this decision. While I’m no fan of the constitution, the 4th Amendment is as clear as day, and this judge has ruled directly against that amendment. That should be reason enough to remove him from his lofty position.

Continued apathy by the people while the government claims the “right” to search without warrant, to indefinitely detain citizens, or to assassinate Americans, all without any due process, will lead simply to a land of serfdom. Apparently, that is what the masses prefer, and therefore deserve!




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