More Extreme Surveillance And Domestic Military Might

I just reported the other day about New York, the leader of all the states in privacy invasion, and its new scanner technology to spy on its residents. In today’s news, New York City may be experimenting with¬†the use of drones to keep an eye on New Yorkers.

Drones are now being used all over the world by U.S. militarily forces, and they obviously can be used for secret surveillance and as deadly weapons. So why does New York City need this capability? Why would a U.S. city want to spy on ALL its residents, and also have the power to attack them?

This is not uncommon in this day and age of liberty destruction, and state power growth. But it is scary to say the least, and it is not isolated to New York. Drones are already being used in border states, including Texas, and the expansion of their use seems imminent.

Also reported today, joint military training exercises in Los Angeles conducted with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are scheduled to take place this week. These exercises are meant to insure that the military is completely able to deploy and work in urban areas. This in and of itself is a travesty, and reeks of military control over domestic affairs. Why is this necessary? It is necessary because the government, both state and federal, know what is going to happen in the future due to their insane and asinine policies. They are preparing for ultimate control of all citizens due to the probability of civil unrest and eventual Martial Law.

This is hard to argue, given all the signs that are now perfectly evident. Keep a sharp eye out for military exercises in your neck of the woods, because it will soon be coming to a city near you!



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