The Circus of Fools is Upon Us

Yes, this Tuesday another election will be settled. The sheep will be both crying and applauding depending on which of their monkeys go to the top of the trees. There will be chaos, violence, and unending rhetoric concerning this irrelevant nonsense.

The irony in all of this is the apparent mentality of voting. It is a game for fools, but considered by those who participate as a sacred event. Each one believes that he can make a difference, and that his vote counts. He will even wear a button to prove that he is responsible, when in fact he should suffer the same effect as when he was bad in school in the past. He should be made to wear a dunce hat. Honesty suggests that dunce hats should replace “I voted” stickers. At least more truth would be evident, and more sanity might emerge.

I do not fully understand why I always believed that publicly choosing a ruler to lord over me was wrong. Maybe logic was my savior, but even logic cannot explain the passion exhibited by those who voluntarily choose their master, and then think that makes them free. This is a contradiction that is impossible to overcome.

This time might be more interesting, as a breakdown in the fabric of society could happen, and cause total panic in the streets. I am looking forward to the entertainment, especially if the red team survives the blue team assault. No difference will be evident regardless of who wins, but the fireworks will be much more explosive when the socialist side goes berserk if the fascist side wins.

I will be at home on Tuesday, and in fact might even go to a real circus. That seems appropriate. I of course will never vote, so I will have a right to complain. Voting means that whatever happens is the fault of those who cast a ballot. If you are one of those, you have voluntarily accepted the process, and have absolutely no right to complain. It is your fault!


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