Is It Just Me?

I rarely if ever write about the political process or politicians, as I consider the process itself to be ludicrous, and politicians to be the worst among men. With that said, here goes.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the next presidential election is looming, and the two “top” candidates chosen by the real controllers of this country, are Satan’s puppets in the likeness of clowns? Every four years, we all have to put up with the circus like atmosphere that surrounds what is said to be the most important election in the world. But how can the most important election in the universe come down to the new rulers of the planet being either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Each election, I am truly amazed that the lowest form of humans rise to the top, and seemingly, no one seems to notice that the joke is on them.

When speaking of Donald Trump, the terms fascist, hypocrite, liar, a user of the system for personal gain, and a comedic ignoramus, come immediately to mind, but considering evil, he pales in comparison in my opinion, to his rival, Hillary Clinton. When I think of this woman, someone I have been familiar with since before I left Arkansas in 1985, she has been involved in countless scandals that involve everything from drug running, war mongering, thievery, corruption on a grand scale, and murder, just to mention a few. The actual list is staggering.

Please under no circumstances, think that I adhere to the idiotic notion of voting for the lesser of evils. I never vote, and I think the process is a fool’s game, and nothing less than a recipe for disaster.

But isn’t it telling of the total ignorance and apathy of the indoctrinated masses when this is what is considered the most important event of the time. This is when the American society at large selects their master and king for the next four years, one of two of the most despicable humans in the entire country. If it were not so horrible and dangerous, it would be laughable. But it certainly is not funny.

For those who participate in this absurdity, get out there you sheep, and throw yourselves in the camp of one or the other of what can only be considered as nefarious slime. And then run to the polls with exuberance at the chance that your candidate will win the game! But while reveling in self stupidity, it might be wise to build your bunker.


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