The Deafening Silence Of Apathy, And Inevitable War

Today, the western world “weeps” for France. Yesterday, and still, it “weeps” for those sister countries facing an influx of immigrants, immigrants that are for the most part victims of western policies. Tomorrow, for whom will the west weep? I can say with some assurance that no tears will be shed for the plight of those being brutalized by the west under the orders of the United States and its political arm of enforcement, NATO.

In the scheme of things, Americans are backward, and instead of reality, they see only what they want to see, regardless of the horror that is just on the other side of the mirror. For most of the entire U.S. population, collective apathy is the driving force of opinion, and truth be damned. This attitude is convenient for the ignorant masses who revel in their false belief that they as a group are exceptional, simply because of where they were born. “American exceptionalism” is a self-aggrandizing myth, and the U.S. is exceptional mostly due to the fact that the controlling powers have driven this country to become the most evil nationstate on earth today. While the average individual citizen is not evil and is not committing heinous acts directly, he is complicit in the carnage due to his blind support of the state. This idiocy is now called patriotism. A more bastardized misunderstanding of that term could not be more evident.

Bold statements you say? Not really when one considers the scope of the American empire and the reach of its military industrial complex. Most all nations on earth, with few exceptions, fear the U.S. This fear is legitimate, as the U.S. attacks countries worldwide through raw aggression while clinging to the insane lie of national defense. In fact, it is executing murder, torture, and occupation worldwide, while enriching those war profiteers who sponsor the political system.

This behavior is intentional, and very dangerous. We are now on the verge of a new world war caused by those who control this U.S monster. The American masses who will be most affected by such an event, seem powerless to stop it, but would they even if they thought they could?

Make no mistake about it, wars and aggression by the U.S. and its allies are for nothing other than to achieve profit and power. The desired result is not peace or spreading democracy, as if actually spreading democracy would be anything but a disaster for all inflicted with such a corrupt system.

In this modern world, the most proficient killers are not common criminals, but the state itself. The agents of force behind the killing are lauded as heroes, and worshiped as protectors. The fact is that those in the military who do the bidding of the state are not defending the citizenry, but are simply enriching the government and its controllers who profit greatly due to war. This enrichment is certainly in dollars, but also in power. In order for this orchestrated war effort by the state to be successful, the people must be made to be afraid. That fear leads to a false trust in the state, and the ensuing gain of power by the state always leads to a loss of liberty.

Any number of human lives are sacrificed for the good of the power elite. It is not the politicians, or the generals, or the heads of defense companies, or the bankers whose lives are on the line. It is not their children on the front lines of battle either, it is always the children of others.

War is, and always has been, only for the sake of profit and power. Those in power are in control, and they are rich, while the rest are simply considered fodder for the purpose of perpetual war.






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