Are Domestic Military Operations A Preparation For Martial Law?

I left this morning on my way to my office and encountered several military vehicles on the roadway. These were armored Humvees with active machine guns mounted in the turrets on top of the vehicles. Once I made my way closer to town, I saw military helicopters flying low and overhead in and around town. This was obvious support for those armed soldiers heading to the silos. That is imposing to say the least, but it is an atrocity against liberty. Domestic military operations, whether masked as training or not, should never occur.

I live outside a small town in central Montana. It is a remote region, but unique to this part of the country, especially in Montana and Wyoming, is the fact that hundreds of nuclear missile silos are scattered everywhere. I can barely drive more than a few miles in any direction without encountering these missile centers. There are 250 silos in this area, and they are virtually everywhere, one is even close to my home. This is very disturbing.

But also in the news this morning was the story about a tyrannical military “training” operation that will be implemented in seven Southwestern states at the same time. This military invasion is called Operation Jade Helm, and will be a realistic military operation set to begin in July, and last 8 weeks. 1200 elite soldiers will participate. Some are to do these “exercises” undetected among the residents in designated areas in states including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.

We already have militarized police, but in the future, probably the not very distant future, the military will not only train domestically, but will become a constant force around the country. These steps leading up to this have been incremental over quite a number of years, especially since the 9/11 events and coverup, but now it has become apparent that the government and military plan is to control the civilian population of this country by force.

Will Martial Law be the end result in what is now already a police state? I think so.



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