The Telling Nature Of A Dishonest Quote

I was sent this quote by a friend today:

“The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.” — Theodore Roosevelt

First, one has to understand the nature of the man behind the quote, and the time in which it was uttered. Theodore Roosevelt was a politician bent on power, he was the ultimate Progressive, he was a protectionist, he believed in high taxation of success, he was a believer in total executive tyranny, he was a warmonger, and he was a murderer. This of course is the short list of his evil ways.

As to what things would destroy America:

It is helpful for one to actually understand Teddy Roosevelt in order to analyze what he means in the above quote. “Prosperity at any price” might mean one thing to you or me, but to Roosevelt, it meant anyone using the free market to succeed, and having the audacity to be an aggressive competitor who was working for profit.

As to “peace at any price,” even the idea of peace offended the crazed warmongering Roosevelt , who was instrumental in creating his own private military force to slaughter innocent Spaniards in a war of aggression that went as far as the Philippines. He loved war and killing the entirety of his miserable life, so of course obtaining peace would never have been his desire.

“Safety-first instead of duty-first” was Roosevelt’s way of  expounding on his belief that all individuals were owned by the state, and that duty to the state was an all important necessity of life. His thinking, or lack thereof, simply exposed his contempt for freedom, and his love of nationalism and loyalty to the state apparatus.

“Love of soft living” is an interesting addition to this quote. Teddy Roosevelt if nothing else was a man of action, and had no use for relaxation or soft living. The problem with his particular thinking on this matter was that his idea of proper living was one of total control of others through regulation and force, and killing anything that moves. He loved to kill, and reveled in the slaughter of animals and men alike, with very little if any distinction.

Finally, Roosevelt said the destruction of America could be affected by the “get rich quick theory of life.” Really? Wars of aggression, federal destruction of the monetary system, horrific government regulations of all industry, high taxation, and an otherwise massive amount of corrupt government interference in the entire economy will not bring down America, but those who choose voluntarily to gain wealth as fast as they can will lead to the demise of this nation.

Most would read this quote and applaud at what would normally be perceived as the great knowledge of an important man and president, when in fact it is nothing more than the rhetorical dishonesty steeped in the cesspool of a twisted mind.



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