What If The Most Evil Government On Earth Purposely Planned And Created Ebola?

I must admit that my first thought about every catastrophe, with the exception of natural disasters, is that the government is either responsible entirely, or complicit in such a manner that these catastrophes could not have occurred without the hand of government. I have rarely been proven wrong. Cynical, you bet, but cynical due to a vast amount of research and fact that points to this conclusion.

This possible pandemic called Ebola is no different. Since the Ebola scare began, which was very recently, I wondered why things were being done in the manner they were being done. I was never surprised by the government’s reaction to this new threat, but that reaction raised many questions, even initially.

The progression of events was confusing to say the least, but given the past history of this government, nothing was unexpected. Patients who positively had been diagnosed with Ebola were allowed to come into the U.S. to be treated in local hospitals. Why? People traveling from western Africa where this deadly virus supposedly was spawned were not stopped from entering this country. The Ebola infected gentleman who came directly to the U.S. from Liberia without any scrutiny was allowed after examination to wander among the public, thereby possibly spreading the disease. He just died this morning, but no explanation has been given for the lax security, or what appears to be a purposeful effort to cause panic.

According to the mainstream news, the Ebola virus only surfaced in March of this year, but as is normally the case, that assessment is an outright lie. Yesterday, I read the patent information for the Ebola virus that is held by the United States federal government. Yes, the U.S. government created years ago, and then patented a gene for the Ebola virus, a virus that was actually discovered decades ago. The Human Ebola Virus patent tells its own story, at least for those willing to take their heads out of the proverbial sand.

The brilliant Butler Shaffer at Lew Rockwell made a valid case against the federal government and its history with the Ebola virus, and outlined some of the reasons for this falsely advertised new virus.

“For those who reflexively chant “conspiracy theorist!, conspiracy theorist!” whenever their well-conditioned ignorance is exposed to questioning, go to google and type in “patent for ebola virus” and see what appears. If one can survive the shock of seeing behind the Wizard’s screen, the question should then be asked: “why would the federal government spend so much time and money creating, and then patenting, a gene for the ebola virus?” What productive ends would be served by such efforts? The answer might be found in the following multiple choice options: [1] to create another “threat” that could be used to “protect” people; [b] to create another excuse for sending the military to other parts of the world [e.g., Africa] where the virus – and oil? – might be found; [c] to provide a reason for the government providing billions of dollars to Big-Pharma for research; [d] to justify more restrictions on both domestic and foreign travel; [e] to justify the creation of regional “quarantine” centers where “suspected” infected persons might be isolated; [f] all of the above.”

9:56 am on October 8, 2014 by Butler Shaffer

These statements and questions are not only prescient in part, but based on solid evidence. This should alarm everyone in America, and this obvious false flag attempt by this heinous government should be exposed for what it truly is, a planned and covertly orchestrated attempt to achieve an agenda meant to control the U.S. population, to support more war, to steal more natural resources of other countries, and to provide monstrous profits to those corporations who stand to benefit from this depraved government coup!

The Human Ebola Virus did not suddenly appear this past March, it was discovered long ago, and the patent sought by the U.S. government for an Ebola strain began over seven years ago. This deadly virus was most likely engineered for use as a U.S. biological weapon, among other things, and is now being used so the federal government can gain control over us all. The implications of this are staggering, but just how far will this government go in its effort to achieve total dominance over the population? How many will have to die or be put in isolation before the rest of the masses acquiesce to total state control? How long will it be until there are extensive quarantines affected by this police state and widespread Martial Law?


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