U.S. Aggressive Invasion Of Syria Was Completely Predictable

This is what I wrote on August 25th, just over two weeks ago on this blog:

This story about Foley, whether staged or not, or whether purposely orchestrated or not, is being used to sell more war to the American people to “protect” them from U.S. funded terrorists. Those members of ISIS in northern Iraq are the same terrorists used and funded by the U.S. in Libya and Syria. Why is this fact not being discussed? This time, the government, its corporate sponsors, and the military are wanting to go to war against Syria. The events leading up to this attempt to wage more war is riddled with holes and the progression seems ominous.

First, the beheading, then the total 24 hour news coverage, then the threats of new terrorist attacks on American soil, and now the selling to Americans of the necessity to go to war with Syria on the pretext of an ISIS attack. This is just too pat a hand, and I don’t believe one single word of it!

Last evening, Obama announced his plans to attack Syria in order to protect Americans from the latest media scourge, the Islamic State or IS. This terrorist group that was initially created, funded, armed, and trained by the CIA, has become the bogeyman for U.S. politicians and the complicit mainstream media. The U.S. is still currently funding terrorists belonging to this group in Syria, while going to war against Syria to eradicate these same terrorists. I could not make this stuff up.

The U.S. government’s fear mongering and propaganda schemes work almost every time they are tried, and this manufactured threat of domestic attack by ragtag terrorists is no different. The latest polls tell the tale.

The U.S. government has wanted desperately to go to war against Syria to eliminate the Assad regime and replace it with a puppet regime beholding to U.S. interests. Putin foiled the last attempt, so something had to be done to gain the support of the American masses to support more war. The recent beheadings were the tool used, and the results are telling to say the least.

At the time I wrote the article quoted above, only 25% of Americans supported going to war against Syria. With the political and media blitz since, a blitz that talked of the imminent risk of a terrorist attack by IS, ISIS, or ISIL, depending on that day’s reporting, the American psyche has dramatically changed. This was totally predictable as I mentioned before, but the speed and totality of that change is staggering, even for the modern species, Americanus Ignoramus.

In just a few days, the poll numbers for Americans supporting a war against Syria have risen from 25% to 76%. This seems impossible, but the instant the poll numbers increased to a large majority, Obama without hesitation, and on his say so alone, declared war against Syria.

The propaganda machine is working well, and it is astounding how quickly public opinion can be changed, and due to an event that is irrelevant in the scheme of things. The U.S. and its military can slaughter millions of innocents with total aggression and without conscience, including women and children, and no condemnation is forthcoming.  Over a million Iraqis are already dead due to U.S. aggression and occupation. Then, the U.S. propaganda machine can condemn an entire region for a single beheading of an American who voluntarily went to a dangerous war zone, and use it to justify even more war and murder. Hypocrisy at that level is ludicrous, but the average American takes the bait hook, line, and sinker, and supports and lusts for even more carnage.

When will sanity return to the fascist oligarchy that is the United States of America? When will American citizens realize that it is the U.S. war machine that is the greatest terrorist threat on earth? When will this U.S. evil end? If it does not end soon, we will all be doomed!


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