Never Believe The U.S. Government Or Its Media: Never!

Some things are so predictable as to go beyond the obvious. This does not however, have any profound effect on the general American public, as the ignorant, apathetic, and downright brainwashed masses continue to huddle in a pool of conditioned nationalism, rarely questioning or even looking for truth.

One headline after another, with no hard evidence, if any evidence at all, and never proven or factually verified, controls the day and sets the stage for the current agenda sought by the government and its corporate supporters. This could never be more evident than the latest sensationalism that was the alleged beheading of American journalist, James Foley. I say alleged because there are too many questions left unanswered, and the U.S. political machine is using this event in an attempt to launch yet more carnage in Syria, something much desired by the Obama administration and the neocons.

According to forensic specialists in Britain this weekend, the beheading video that supposedly came from ISIS, or IS as they are now called, was staged and is a fraud. According to thisĀ article in, the execution did happen, although no solid evidence of that is available, but happened most likely after the camera was turned off. Regardless, something is amiss here, and given the 24 hour a day coverage, the fear mongering by the political class and the mainstream media about the new domestic terror threat to the U.S. by ISIS, and the threat of another U.S. intervention and war, could this be a false flag event or an event being used in that same capacity to stoke the fires of war against Syria? One has to be suspicious.

How long will this story inundate the mainstream news and Washington D.C.? If this isn’t effective enough to gain the acceptance for war by the U.S. populace at large, will this story soon disappear the way all the others have lately? In just the past few weeks or months, there have been news stories that were touted as world changing events, but in every case a U.S. agenda was being sought.

In March, a Malaysian airliner disappeared over the ocean, and was never found. After a few weeks, the story disappeared, all without any answers about what really happened. A second civilian airliner was shot down over Ukraine in July, and the U.S. government blamed Russia and Putin immediately, but of course, there was absolutely no supporting evidence of any Russian involvement. Russia did release its satellite footage and all other information available, but the U.S. installed Ukrainian government nor the U.S. ever released any satellite footage or any other evidence whatsoever. Apparently, there was no evidence to support any U.S. claim, and this was only being used, or was purposely structured, in order to attack Russia. That story has also disappeared from view and is off the mainstream news pages. Why?

The Beau Bergdahl exchange for prisoners at Guantanamo was also inundating the news for a period, but that story too collapsed and disappeared.

Now the alleged beheading of James Foley is everywhere, and being used to frighten the sheep-like American public into believing that ISIS terrorists are on their way to the U.S. to wreck havoc. But if there is a “terrorist” attack on U.S. soil, would it be due to actual middle eastern terrorists as warned by the mainstream media and warmongering politicians, or would it be another false flag perpetrated purposely in order to enhance state power and Martial Law? Would it be used to wage more continuous war?

Nineteen people in Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, have been beheaded there this month, but has that been plastered in the mainstream press? Ukrainians continue to be slaughtered due to U.S. intervention and coups, but was that on the front pages? The U.S. and its murdering military have been responsible for over a million deaths of Iraqis, half of them being little children, and the displacement of millions of innocents. Was that mentioned? No, of course not. But one journalist who was voluntarily in a war zone in Iraq, was claimed to have been killed, and that single story consumed all the news. Does this seem suspicious at all, or have most all Americans ceased to ask any questions about this heinous, spying, corrupt, and lying fascist oligarchy that is the U.S. government?

This story about Foley, whether staged or not, or whether purposely orchestrated or not, is being used to sell more war to the American people to “protect” them from U.S. funded terrorists. Those members of ISIS in northern Iraq are the same terrorists used and funded by the U.S. in Libya and Syria. Why is this fact not being discussed? This time, the government, its corporate sponsors, and the military are wanting to go to war against Syria. The events leading up to this attempt to wage more war is riddled with holes and the progression seems ominous.

First, the beheading, then the total 24 hour news coverage, then the threats of new terrorist attacks on American soil, and now the selling to Americans of the necessity to go to war with Syria on the pretext of an ISIS attack. This is just to pat a hand, and I don’t believe one single word of it!


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