Bowe Bergdahl: A Real Patriot

The story concerning the release and exchange for captured soldier Bowe Bergdahl continues to rule the mainstream headlines. In my opinion, the reasons for this are mostly political. At this time, the Republicans and the Democrats are duking it out, but this may come back to haunt the Obama administration more given the latest revelations about Bergdahl’s “desertion.” If real freedom were to exist in this country, no one would be forced to stay in the military, and certainly no one would be forced to kill others on orders with which they disagreed, but the U.S. military considers all who originally volunteer as slaves to the state.

In my mind, any soldier who is against aggressive war and refuses to murder innocents on orders is nothing less than a hero. I wish large numbers of soldiers had the common morality and courage to do the same. If so, wars of aggression and occupation could not go forward, but expecting that to happen in this society of false exceptionalism and brainwashed citizens is a pipe dream.

Part of the idiocy of the media now revolves around those who died attempting to capture Bergdahl. Since it was apparent that Bergdahl had walked away for what I consider legitimate reasons having to do with conscience, and had voluntarily left his post, then any effort to bring him back was not one bent on saving a fellow soldier, but one of capture and punishment. Those then who acted on orders to go after him did so voluntarily, and their fate was not the fault of Bergdahl, but of their own making.

A story in Mail Online today revealed the pictures of those soldiers who died in their supposed effort to save or capture Bergdahl, but is that the real story? Sure, it looks damning when pictures of soldiers who died looking for one of their own are posted for all to see, but was that done out of sympathy or for disingenuous reasons? It is obvious to me that the latter is the case here.

Nothing was said about the fact that the U.S. military has been in Afghanistan , and much of the rest of the world for that matter, for fraudulent reasons and lies. Nothing was said about the slaughter of those people in this war of aggressive occupation over the past 13 years. Nothing was said about the hundreds of thousands killed in the Middle East by U.S. soldiers intent on maim and murder, and nothing was said about the fact that most all causalities have been civilians. In truth, aren’t all those fighting against the U.S. forces in Afghanistan protecting their own homes, families and countrymen from aggressive attack, which would make them the real patriots? What that means is that the American forces committing these atrocities against others in foreign lands are the real terrorists!

The other side of this political staging by Obama is the release of five prisoners from Guantanamo Bay for the exchange for Bowe Bergdahl. Those prisoners have been held and most likely tortured for a long time, all without any due process whatsoever. They were held without any formal charges and no right to trial, so their release was proper regardless of other outstanding circumstances. But in this case, Obama may have bitten off more than he can chew, because the Republicans will use this to crucify him in the eyes of the state indoctrinated masses.

Obama did release prisoners being held without any legal protection, but he did not do so for honorable or honest reasons. He did so in order to cover up other administration problems by creating the more sensational mainstream news concerning the release and exchange of an American soldier.

Nothing in politics is ever what it seems, and is most always meant to serve another purpose. This is the way of the American governmental system, one of fraud, deceit, dishonesty and corruption. With that said, one thing is clear to me. Bowe Bergdahl is a true patriot and hero, and has acted on his principles and moral fortitude. It takes much more courage for one to go against the nation state’s agents of force in the military than it does to simply go along. While his courage will most likely not be rewarded, his mind should be clear and unburdened of the guilt and shame that consumes many other soldiers after they return home knowing the evil they have committed in heinous imperial wars of aggression.


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