FBI Continues Terrorist Plots

Terrorist plots in this country are almost non-existent, but the FBI continues to make sure that it manufactures enough fake scares so as to keep the sheep ever frightened. Actually, most every supposed terrorist threat is staged by the FBI, and made public later in order to fool the people into thinking that all threats are real. This is nothing more than a ruse to affect fear.

The latest is in the case of a Washington man who was set up by the FBI to supposedly blow up several buildings. This was called an “elaborate FBI sting,” but was nothing more than an FBI purposely structured terrorist event. This is the way that the FBI bureaucracy continues to justify its existence. It does this by structuring and planning terrorist plots, and duping would be “terrorists” into its web of deceit.

Man Arrested In FBI Sting Found Dead In Federal Custody Gillette 224x300Image: Larry Gillette (Department of Corrections).

The dupe in this particular plot, Larry Gillette, is pictured above, and was set up by an FBI undercover officer who supplied him with inoperable weaponry, including guns and a bomb. One has to assume, and that would be an assumption based on the so-called perpetrator’s total ignorance of weapons, that Gillette had no knowledge whatsoever about weaponry, and relied entirely on his supplier for his “honesty” and without concern.

After the FBI solved the case that they had knowingly set up, they sent this patsy back to federal prison, where he was found dead within a few days after he had been returned. How convenient for the FBI, as now there are no witnesses to their staged crime of terrorism. Of course, this will be ruled a suicide, but apparently Gillette had not attempted to commit suicide at any time in the past while he was in prison.

As reported by Prison Planet:

While no evidence currently points to foul play, the FBI’s history of executing people in their custody, most recently seen with Ibragim Todashev, who was shot 7 times execution style in his home, begs the question. Aside from Gillette’s death, the circumstances surrounding his initial arrest are nearly identical to every other FBI terror sting in one specific way.

There has been scheme after scheme by the FBI in which they staged false terrorism events in order to justify their existence, as well as to strike massive fear in the public. These false flag type terrorist plots are done for a specific reason, but never have anything whatsoever to do with defending the public or outing any real threat. These are political, and meant only as a way to gain more control over the individual in society.

Will the pathetic sheep in this country ever awaken and realize that they are being manipulated, while the FBI and the rest of government are planning and plotting to take total control of the United States through some form of martial law or military rule?


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