U.S. Military Makes Iraq Safe For Democracy?

The U.S. government and its military at the bidding of the military industrial complex has been warring against the impotent nation of Iraq almost continuously for a many years. First, the murderer George H. W. Bush waged all out war on Iraq to protect oil interests in Kuwait. That ended in U.S. sanctions that directly caused the deaths of 500,000 innocent children under the age of 5 years. This current round began in 2003, and supposedly ended in 2011 when troops were pulled out, but did it end? Of course not. The U.S. never leaves once it has established imperial control of a country.

Since the U.S. began it mission to “liberate” Iraq, 1 to 2 million Iraqis have died and many millions have been displaced. The infrastructure has been almost totally destroyed, the capital city is in ruins and that country’s natural resources have been stolen. Last year was the deadliest year in Iraq since 2008 with well over 7,000 civilian deaths. This was of course after the U.S. had made it safe for democracy.

When the U.S. began bombing Iraq and killing the citizenry in 2003 on known false pretenses, there was not a single “al Qaeda” individual or cell in that country. Now, what is called al Qaeda, is overrunning Iraq, especially around Fallujah. That is the area that the U.S. brutalized for so long, killing and maiming and using deadly chemical weapons against the innocent. Those attacks are still terrorizing the people there due to the horrible effects of toxic chemicals.

I am going back to this subject because the latest one day death total in Iraq was 51 with 78 wounded. The killing is only getting worse, all due to United States involvement in that country.

Wherever the U.S. and its military intervene, and for whatever false reasoning and propaganda, things rarely return to normal or even return to livable conditions. Iraq is no different. It will never be the same.

Next U.S. stop, the entire continent of Africa.



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