Drone Operators are Murderers and Cowards

While those who operate killer drones are murderers and cowards, so are those who give the orders, including the killer-in-chief Obama.

Reported today by Reuters: Air strike kills 15 civilians in Yemen by mistake.

Fifteen innocent people in Yemen driving to a wedding were murdered by a drone attack. The killers claimed that this wedding party on a day of celebration was mistaken for an al Qaeda convoy. It seems that wedding parties are often mistaken for nearly non-existent al Qaeda members. Was this a mistake or intentional? The latter seems more likely.

“An air strike missed its target and hit a wedding car convoy, ten people were killed immediately and another five who were injured died after being admitted to the hospital,” one security official said.

Others were injured as well in this senseless slaughter of innocents. And just this past Monday, three people traveling by car were killed by another U.S. drone attack in Yemen.

Yemen is no threat to the U.S., but then no country in the Middle East is a threat to the United States. Yemen however, borders Saudi Arabia to the south, and sits in close proximity to major oil shipping lanes. U.S. forces use the false threat of al Qaeda in order to terrorize Yemen, but other interests are evident.

Try to imagine for a moment how it would feel to always be on the lookout for an unmanned killing machine firing deadly missiles from above on your wedding party. Imagine that your entire family are together, and one missile kills everyone. This is a fear that lives in the hearts of innocent Yemeni people every single day.

The United States government, its armed murderers in the military and those politicians and officials that promote and allow unending and unjust wars, are evil monsters. They are the most prolific terrorists on the planet, demonic in deed, and continue to maim and kill innocents around the world in the name of “fighting terrorism.” That is hypocrisy gone mad.

While all this unholy killing is being perpetrated by the U.S. and its military overseas, the ignorant sheep celebrate the carnage at every sporting event and every other given opportunity. If they could hear the screams of agony, if they could hear the children crying, if they see in person the bodies blown into pieces, would it make a difference? Would they demand a stop to this most horrific killing and bloodshed, or would they simply turn the other way so as not to see?

If the people in this country continue to allow this fascist imperial government to continue its slaughter of innocents in this fake war on terror, the carnage of war will come home to roost. Then it will be too late to stop the monster!

The truth of war is ugly, it is devastating, it is bloody, it is stench and it is brutal. It is beyond imagination, and words can never fully describe such an abomination. All should see and live the truth that is war, for then none would ever allow such horror again.










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