Republicans And Democrats: No Difference Whatsoever

This comparison and conclusion in the past while always true, was more difficult to sell, but not any longer. The chickens have come home to roost as “they” say.

Those “conservatives” who still cling to the false notion that Republicans are for smaller government, and those “liberals” who still cling to the false notion that Democrats are against war, are either blind, gullible, complete ignoramuses or outright liars. This also holds true for the many other so-called differences in the ruling parties.

Thanks to Mr. Republicrat, Chris Christie, the picture is becoming all to clear. Even hardliners will find it impossible to ignore the fact that there is but one political party in the United States of America.

One headline and accompanying article today is very telling and informative. It is titled:

“Chris Christie Is About To Win In A Landslide, And He Wants every Republican To Understand Why”

Christie’s message is very clear. What he is telling Republican politicians and voters to do is to accept 100% that compromise is the answer for the future. He solidifies this idiocy by condemning all those who want a candidate to agree with them 100% of the time. What he is really saying is all should vote for the lesser of evils all the time. His mantra is compromise, compromise and more compromise. He is telling voters that “they need to stop expecting so much purity and look for politicians who will make compromises to move the country forward.” What this exposes is what already is. There is but one political party with two components that feign hatred for one another while at the same time advancing their identical agendas.

There is no hatred among the political participants in Congress, and in fact there is great camaraderie. The real hatred is among the civilian voting members of both the Democrat and Republican parties who worship their respective donkey or elephant stooge. This divisiveness has been crafted by design, and is nothing new, but only the political class is fully and totally aware of this ruse. Most of the sheep remain in a state of what I call complete political party lunacy. That was explained by Christie very accurately when he said:

“Only a bare majority of Americans are interested in anything other than a government handout.”

That accurate statement says reams about the ignorant voter and those seeking political office. America today is a dependent society, so much so that personal self interest, self interest at the expense of others, is the driving motivation of the entire political process. If this were not so, principle would never be replaced by compromise. That is the primary reason why voting is a game for fools, and why just the idea of voting reeks of a manipulative and phony exercise meant only to trick the serf like crowd into believing that they are in control. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the reality that compromise is now king should alert all to the dishonesty of this atrocious democratic political system.

Christie is doing nothing new, he is just exposing the truth that there is no difference in the two parties. For the average American, compromise is now the rule while principle is irrelevant. He is right about this, and that is why his prescription for winning enough votes to stay in power will be effective. Given the ignorance and apathy of the most common American voter, he seems to have the “winning” formula for political success.

The tragedy however, is that his and other’s success is the rest of society’s failure!

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