DHS Preparing For More Domestic Brutality

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently purchased over a billion rounds of killing ammunition, all for use against Americans. Now, they are purchasing via a no bid contract with PepperBall, 240,000 pepper spray projectiles that are fired from a rifle-like launcher. They can also fire these projectiles on fully automatic, and they will come equipped with riot expansion kits capable of carrying many extra rounds.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars.com wrote a very good article with a disturbing training video yesterday about this subject.

These weapons are accurate out to 60 feet with area saturation up to 200 feet. This is strictly used for riot control, and can fire 700 rounds per minute. That is staggering, but what does DHS know that the sheep do not? Why are they continuing to purchase weapons that will only be used against American citizens?

This weapon sounds like a machine gun when fired, that being one of the advantages according to the selling company. They said:

“They represent, “the perfect non-lethal crowd management tool for gaining compliance over rioters, organized protesters, and unlawful assemblies,” and can be used to, “Gain psychological advantage over unruly crowds.”

If the weak and apathetic people in this country think they are being shot at by machine gun fire, they will certainly become instantly controllable, and the militarized gendarmes will gain a huge psychological advantage.

These new weapons meant entirely for domestic use are in addition to the already purchased hollow point killing ammunition, top line body armor and helmets, thousands of fully automatic “assault rifles with 30 round clips and almost 3,000 heavily armed armored vehicles, tanks in other words. DHS has also employed armed guards to be used for “public demonstrations.

Is the DHS preparing for war? That certainly appears to be the case, but that war will be levied against the innocent people of this country, not those in other lands. I doubt though that the nationalistic Americans who embrace war overseas will embrace war here at home, especially when Martial Law has been fully implemented and that war is targeting them.

It is ironic that the government and military monsters created by the American voting public will now become the enemy in another war of aggression. The difference this time is that those aggressively warred against and occupied will be that same American voting public, not those in other lands with darker skin.

It looks like the proverbial chickens may be coming home to roost, and the real terrorists will show their face!

“We have met the enemy and he is us.’ ~Pogo




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