Obamacare Hits Home

When I arrived home last evening and went through my mail, I noticed a letter from my medical insurance carrier, Assurant Health. The letter was sent to explain that my private medical insurance would be discontinued, or in reality cancelled on February 15th due to the mandated new “benefits” in Obamacare.

I will be offered, and not by my choosing, another plan that complies with the fascist and socialistic “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” I certainly will not be protected and it certainly will not be affordable, so why in the hell does the title indicate the opposite picture? I think all who read this blog know the answer to that question.

On January 1st of this year, my Blue Cross/ Blue Shield (a horrible company) medical insurance went up 39% instantly due to the “Affordable” Care Act mandates. Now, my new insurance that is less than one year old is being eliminated and cancelled. If I choose to accept the new policy under Obamacare rules, I will have to spend much more than I contracted for earlier this year, and of course my insurance coverage will be worsened, more expensive, devoid of quality, have longer waiting ┬áperiods and be effectively useless, all for many more dollars out of my income and savings.

This is an indirect form of heavy taxation, and is the implementation of total medical tyranny over the population. Freedom and liberty be damned as this government installs a fully government controlled “healthcare” system that will destroy private markets in favor of government run markets.

In the past when my rates increased dramatically as they did last January, I simply changed companies with the hope of having a little less expensive coverage for a little longer, but now that option will be gone. Since these government mandates are now in place, all private insurance companies will be forced to comply with the Obamacare legislation. That legislation by the way, was made law because those who pretend to represent the voter made it law. Yes, Obama did sign it, but with the complicity of Congress and the courts.

Voting is and always has been an abject failure. Voting does nothing less than give power to the few over all the rest of us. Voting means that all those who participate have accepted the corrupt and flawed governing system, and therefore must agree with the results. Those who do not participate in this charade are not the problem, as they are not responsible for allowing one human to have massive power over another.

If no one voted, no one would be elected. If none were elected to power, none could rule over society. If no rulers existed, the natural rights of man would be evident, and freedom would have a fighting chance!

UPDATE: According to my current insurance carrier that I just spoke with this morning, the absolute lowest premium I will be offered under the new Obamacare mandates will be more than double my current cost! “Affordable care?” I think not!


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