The Constitution Grants Congress Massive Powers …

Professor Michael Rozeff wrote a blog today at Lew Rockwell titled “The Congress shall Have Power to …” His point in this short blog was that while Congress has the power to do many things due to the powers given to it in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, it is not mandated to do any of those things.

He is correct in this analysis, but the bottom line is that human nature is very imperfect, and his assumption that Congress doesn’t have to do these things while correct in fact, should fall on deaf ears. Those who choose to rule over others, those in government, have always been whores to power. When given the opportunity to gain power and control, politicians will most always take that course, and will normally not only grab all the power they can, but will far exceed any boundaries put upon them.

The so-called “Founders,” who were after all politicians, knew this of course. It is my opinion that the Constitution was purposely written in such a manner as to allow massive power to the federal government, but without demanding or mandating that those powers be executed. This was brilliant, because while most in this country today still believe that the U.S. Constitution dramatically limits the power of government, the exact opposite is the case, especially given Article 1, Section 8 of that document.

That Article gives Congress an unlimited power to tax, to borrow money and pay debts, to provide for the common  defense and general welfare, to regulate all commerce (trade) with foreign nations and states, to control and regulate money, to raise and support armies and a navy, and make all rules to regulate all land and naval forces and to prosecute war. There are many more powers listed, but the final clause in that section is also very disturbing. It allows Congress to make ALL laws necessary to carry out these powers, and to transfer that power to any other branch of government or in any department or officer thereof.

The Constitution, regardless of the false worship it is given, is a blank check for central government power! It limits little while conceding almost limitless power to Congress and the rest of government. It is the bane to liberty, and was drafted intentionally by scoundrels bent on vastly increasing the power of a central government.

One might attempt to argue this point, but that would be very foolish given the history of this country. Our freedom and liberty have been completely dismantled over our entire existence, and given the atrocious abuses by government over the past 12 years, one would be hard pressed to defend the very document that allowed the destruction of a once free land.

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.” ~Lysander Spooner

Unfit indeed!


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