Disarm The Criminal Police Now!

Another day, another police murder of an innocent civilian.

A 72 Fort Worth, Texas resident was shot to death with five shots by police yesterday morning. The victim, Jerry Wayne Waller, heard his neighbor’s alarm system go off, and armed himself to go and check the property. That is exactly what a good neighbor would do, and something that would be very common in my neck of the woods.

Waller did not even get out of his own driveway before two murderous cops killed him. Their only excuse, as is the case in almost every one of these incidents, was “officer safety.” Obviously, they did not attempt to find out who this older gentleman was before gunning him down in cold blood.

Speaking on the incident Fort Worth police Cpl. Tracey Knight said, “Officers felt threatened by the man with the handgun and he was shot.”

How were the officers threatened? Did the innocent and good neighbor attempt to shoot the cowardly police? Of course not, they just saw a gun (or not) and opened fire on this kindly grandfather, leaving him dead in his own driveway.

What is happening to the two killers of this innocent Fort Worth man? They of course are on paid vacation at taxpayer expense, and there is little if any doubt in my mind that absolutely nothing will be done to these two homicidal lowlifes!

Yes, full and total gun control is the answer. Every government employee, every police officer and every state agent of force should not be allowed to have any weapon. That is the only proper gun control necessary in this now fascist oligarchy called America!



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