Memorial Day Idiocy!

I was going to let this day pass without commenting, but considering the hyped up propaganda that is seemingly everywhere, I simply could not ignore the lies. Propaganda meant to honor those who have murdered and slaughtered innocents around the world, have waged immoral and unholy aggressive wars, and who because of this have destroyed freedom and liberty in this country, is inundating every form of “news” and communication. The notion that soldiers in the military take orders to kill and maim to protect freedom is so foreign to the truth that it belies any sane reality.

The U.S. government and its military do exactly the opposite of what is so thoroughly propagandized on this so-called day of memory. It is sad and pathetic that so many have been brainwashed into thinking that heinous war is something to glorify, and that it protects freedom in any way whatsoever. In fact, the United States has never fought a single just war with the possible exception of the Revolutionary War. Even in that particular war, much unwarranted killing, slavery and liberty destruction took place. Given this knowledge, why in the world do so many sheep continue to bow at the alter of war and carnage? Why do the masses stand and salute the god of murder, instead of the God of peace? Why do they allow the worship of unholy war to guide their existence, and to control their behavior?

The only memory considering freedom and liberty that is worthy of thought is of those who have given their lives in order to fight the nationalistic state and its demonic desire to control the world. Keep in memory those who risked all to expose the warmongering state for what it truly is, a murdering empire bent on total hegemony. Do not worship those who participate in wars of aggression and occupation, and who in reality destroy the very fabric of freedom every time they follow an order.

If freedom and liberty are truly the goal of the American people, then there are a few simple things that could help this along. Refuse to participate in the horrendous war loving and war supporting national anthem when it is played. Refuse to salute any flag, as the flag is simply a symbol of blind worship to the nation state apparatus. Refuse to recite the words of the communistic Pledge of Allegiance, a pledge that binds one not to freedom and liberty, but to nationalism and slavery.

Those who perpetuate and prosecute wars do not protect freedom. It is not those soldiers who wear state issued costumes when they slaughter innocents abroad for the war profiteering banks and corporations who serve any noble cause. It is not the fascist corporate state that supplies the weapons of mass destruction to help kill others for profit that should be lauded. All the efforts of these trimmers do nothing more than assist the government in its drive to gain power and in turn eliminate our liberty.

It is the dissenter who protects your freedom. It is the whistle blower that exposes government corruption who is worthy of respect. It is all who stand up to this massive government and the military industrial complex, fighting and exposing the state at every opportunity, who are the real patriots.

Instead of worshiping the state and its willing agents of force on this government mandated holiday, how about attempting to think for yourself? Instead of following the herd of ignorant lemmings who always do as they are instructed, how about being a free minded dissenter? Instead of following the same path as most Americans by saluting the very entity that has taken away your freedom and liberty, how about standing against tyranny! Instead of being a mindless member in a herd of pathetic sheep, how about being a free individual?

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