Police Brutality And Murder Now An Everyday Event

I just recently wrote about the brutal and tragic murder of David Silva in Bakersfield at the hands of 9 sheriff’s deputies and California state police. He was beaten and kicked while restrained and while he screamed and died in agony. He had done nothing whatsoever other than drink too much and fall asleep in a yard near where he sought help.

The police in that case purposely destroyed evidence, and then used the state controlled coroner to lie and say his death was due only to a heart attack. He was only 33 years old! This is not an uncommon criminal act, but one that takes place often.

Now, another California group of murdering thugs has killed another man in Sacramento. The difference this time is that a woman officer was the one beating the defenseless victim to death. As Becky Akers of Lew Rockwell asked in her blog, will this one be ruled a heart attack as well?

The video showed that while a suspect was being held down by police, a female officer, after he had been sprayed with pepper spray and was subdued, bludgeoned him to death. The man in question had apparently done nothing but act suspicious, and attempt to evade police when they cornered him. That would be a natural and proper response given that these cretins with pepper spray, batons, tasers and guns cannot wait to use these tools against innocent citizens at every possible opportunity. In many cases, the excess use of killing force appears pleasurable to these criminal state thugs.

The police report that was released to the press once again was filled with lies, but that should not surprise anyone, because police will lie constantly and continuously when it serves their purpose. They have no sympathy for the lowly citizen, and will always kill or send an innocent person to prison just to cover their own ass!

That press release says that the a police officer was locked in the grasp of the suspect, but the video shows clearly that it was the other way around. It was just an opportunity for the police to beat and murder another unruly citizen, an act that apparently pleases the scum dressed in state issued garb. It does after all, help to keep the sheep in line when confronted by the worst domestic violent criminal element in this country, the police!

The criminal police expect complete respect, full and total compliance to their orders and they expect citizens to tremble in fear in their presence. They should receive no such thing, and should be held only in contempt!


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