It’s Time To Get Prepared For Martial Law!

If one were to consider a U.S. armored vehicle that is mine proof, 50 caliber bullet proof, weighs 30,000 pounds, and has 5 shooting ports as well as a machine gun turret, a military vehicle for use in Afghanistan would come to mind. But that would be a mistaken assumption, because that is what the U.S. government, via the abhorrent Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is amassing for domestic use.

DHS is not getting a few of these ready for dire situational possibilities, but has recently through the U.S. Army Forces Command, purchased and is retrofitting over 2,700 of these tanks for use on American streets and in American cities.

These are called Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles or MRAPs. This story at Gateway Pundit appeared yesterday, and has a video  that explains the capabilities of this war machine.

Make no mistake, this MRAP is a machine of war, but the brutal and murderous domestic arm of the U.S. government, the DHS, is amassing thousands of these for use in our home towns. Add to this the fact that this same government agency of force has recently purchased over 1.6 billion rounds of killing ammunition, and it becomes obvious that this tyrannical government is preparing for all out war in the streets of America. Not war against some foreign enemy ready to invade this country, of which none exists, but for war against U.S. citizens.

I do realize the apathetic nature of the common citizen, and that for the most part, the masses just want to get on with playing computer games and awaiting the announcement of the next American Idol, but this planned assault by the police and military against the citizenry is not hidden in any regard, and in fact is obvious.

As you will see in the video linked to in the above story, a video released by the DHS, the police proudly claim that they are a “national team” that can be deployed anywhere in the United States. This is far more than troubling, as these “teams” are simply militarized local and state police, but it is apparent that they are controlled at a national level. That means that all agencies of force, including but not limited to, local and state police, national guard and reserves, and the active military are under the direct command of the federal government. This would be bad enough if they were only terrorizing those innocent in foreign lands, but this entire operation is domestic in nature, and nationwide!

With this planning fully in place, and the now certainty that in addition to these new tanks and billions of rounds of ammunition, tens of thousands of killer drones will be in the skies of the U.S. within a few years, it is probable that this police state will continue to expand at alarming levels, and that Martial Law is the desired effect sought by this totalitarian government.

What will be the driving force that causes this extreme tyranny to escalate out of control? Will it be the next government and media manufactured catastrophe?  Will it be the coming economic collapse? Will it be world war? Or will it be just the knowledge by this government that these things are coming, and that civil unrest is imminent?

With preparations of this magnitude being advanced by the federal government, how can any not see the writing on the wall? How can any continue to be complacent? It is time to prepare for the worst, and to expect this government to attempt to take over the general population through extreme police state tactics and Martial Law. This must never be allowed to happen!



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