Barbara Boxer Calls For Domestic Terrorism By Military

Yes, Barbara Boxer, that very powerful democrat U.S. Senator from California, a hypocritical and evil politician who presides over both the Environmental and Public Works Committee, and is the chair of the Select Committee on Ethics [sic], wants military troops on the streets all around the country.

She is touting a program to allow heavily armed National Guard troops to assist local police all around the U.S. in “protecting our children at schools.” She is calling this program “Saving Our Students.” (SOS) Video here.

While these trimmers who rule over the masses at once condemn all guns in any school environment, and everywhere else for that matter, they at the same time want heavily armed agents of the state to patrol those same schools. If guns were really the problem, why would they allow an unlimited amount of automatic weapons to be on every school ground? Couldn’t those guns do harm, regardless in whose hands they were held?

Gun control strives to disarm those who are not in agreement with the state. It also, and by design, disarms the honest and innocent, while leaving only the criminal element of society in a position of armed power. This is the tool of dictators and tyrants, and is always accomplished with the consent of those who will become helpless slaves.

This plan of Boxers’ has many faces. This would allow armed agents of the government access to our streets, to patrol cities and towns without restraint. It would set a precedent that could be impossible to overcome, and that would be used to lull the lowly mundanes of this country into accepting as normal an ever present militarized force. This force would always be heavily armed, and given the desire of this government to disarm the rest of us, the risk is unimaginable.

The end game here would lead to a society of helpless citizens all at the mercy of the gargantuan state apparatus. If the state is successful in disarming most all of society, then the only ones left with guns would be the common criminals, and the much more dangerous murdering criminals in the government. What good could come from such an untenable situation?

The United States and its murderous military now terrorize many countries, especially those in the Middle East. They kill innocent civilians on a regular basis, including many thousands who are children. Now, these same murderers of children want to terrorize every community in this country, while taking total military control of all the children in its prison-like schools.

Can none of the indoctrinated and brainwashed populace see the absolute insanity of allowing this government and it minions of force to take over militarily our communities? Can none see where this will lead?

It will lead to Martial Law and tyranny beyond the imagination of most. The police state that now is evident will pale in comparison to what will exist after we are disarmed. Military rule will have become the norm. Only fools could be so gullible as to accept what the elected ruling elite have in store for the rest of us! Only frightened imbeciles could allow this to happen!


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