Pentagon Planning Attack On Mali?

Is the U.S. planning a military attack against Mali? Some U.S. officials have said that the Department of Defense is preparing to do just that, by waging a military (war) operation against that west African nation next year.

A few months ago, a coup was accomplished, and military officers booted out the current democratically elected Mali President, Amandou Toumani Toure, and took over the government. Since that takeover, the northern region of Mali that is ruled by “Islamists,” is still completely in place. Because of this fact, the imperial U.S. wants to “assist” the military rulers. This is not legally allowed by American law, but since when has that stopped any number of U.S. aggressions against those in other countries?

And who are the real terrorists, if in fact any exist at all other than the U.S government? Is it the “evil Islamists,” or the now military  rulers who ousted an elected president? According to U.S. government logic, the faction easiest to control in order to gain political favor, regardless of its lawlessness or brutality, would be the choice of the government and Pentagon. Obviously, the Islamist organization in northern Mali won’t cooperate with U.S. thugs, so the new military rulers of that country will be able to expect help in the form of money, weapons, and “intelligence,” from the U.S. government and its military monsters.

Who will win this game? The U.S. government of course, and its corporate sponsors, along with the leaders of the ruling Mali military. But all the rest of the citizens in Mali will suffer greatly. But what do they matter when power, money, and control of a country are at stake?

The Pentagon’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in Africa, Amanda J. Dory, said: “There’s plenty of other forms of information and intelligence that are circulating that give us enough insight for planning purposes.”

“Dory also floated the possibility of US warplanes being deployed to North Arica to provide troops there with aerial protection.”

Brutal and deadly sanctions put in place by the U.S. have already taken effect. This will cripple much of Mali, thus harming many innocents there. These sanctions, which are literally acts of aggressive war against Mali by the U.S., will continue until, and most likely after, the U.S. and its military destroy another country in Africa.

This will all be done in the name of fighting “terrorism,” and fighting al Qaeda, even if no al Qaeda actually exists in that country. Since all so-called “terrorists,” and any who don’t lay down for U.S. interests are called al Qaeda, the U.S. believes it has carte blanche authority in its efforts to rule the world. A rude awakening will be the eventual reward for such hubris by this now imperialistic and fascist oligarchy called America!


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