“Cybersecurity” Tyranny

AsĀ reported in “The Hill” today, the White House (Obama) is circulating a draft of an executive order on cybersecurity. An executive order is simply a dictatorial procedure that allows the president to make his own laws. In this case, it could mean an end to the freedom to speak.

My opinion is that this report today is meant to float as a trial balloon in order to judge the response by the sheep. Senator Joe Lieberman’s effort last month to get a cybersecurity bill through the Senate failed, but this is something very much desired by the ruling class of politicians. An executive order is a way to avoid any political fight, and just implement law directly.

“An executive order is one of a number of measures we’re considering as we look to implement the president’s direction to do absolutely everything we can to better protect our nation against today’s cyberthreats,”said White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden. “We are not going to comment on ongoing internal deliberations.”

In other words, Obama will use every measure possible to destroy any right to speech, in the name of “national security.” The “national security” he is talking about is his own security. These cretins will never be safe as long as they can be exposed. Without the Internet, Obama and the rest of the slime in government would get a free pass from their criminal behavior!


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