U.S. Military Training For War Against American Citizens!

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota residents¬†were told not to be alarmed when they saw Blackhawk helicopters flying low through their city. The sheep were told that this is simply a military training exercise in an urban environment. Step back … Nothing to see here!

This training is urban warfare training, but it is training for urban warfare here in America, not in some distant land. It is in expectation of economic collapse and massive civil unrest. It is to habituate the populace so that they will accept having military troops, murderers for hire, patrolling their streets and neighborhoods. It is to affect complete indoctrination, so that this government under the guise of training for war elsewhere, can prepare its killing forces for Martial Law here at home.

This is a travesty, but it is ignored by most Americans due to the extreme nature of their apathy. These displays of force under the guise of training, should serve to alert all to the fact that we are being baited and stalked by this government. It should be apparent that the U.S. government and its collaborators are intent on creating a totalitarian state, whether because of choice or necessity; necessity of course, only in the eyes of the ruling class.

No free society can exist under these circumstances, so obviously, we in this country do not live in a free society. We now live in a police state; a tyrannical governing oligarchy intent on the destruction of liberty. That goal is nearly accomplished, and the very people in this country who think that they are free, have not the capability to understand that they are mere slaves to the state.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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