Police Shoot Pedestrians At Empire State Building

My title is not the same as will be seen in the mainstream news, but it should be. What most will see is that a lone gunman shot and killed an ex-coworker, and 8 others were wounded.

The facts of these shootings have not fully been released, but the gun-banning mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, and the New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner, have both admitted that some of the injured may have been shot by police.

This is no surprise for a couple of reasons. Police can’t shoot very well, and they really don’t care who they hit when they shoot. I call that “standard operating procedure” for cops.

What the Associated Press reported about this incident is telling. The apparent disgruntled worker who shot and killed his previous coworker, Jeffery Johnson, had a .45 caliber pistol equipped to fire up to 8 rounds. The number of rounds that were actually in Johnson’s gun has not been released, but there is something fishy in this report.

Johnson fired 3 rounds at his initial target, and at least 1 round, according to NYPD was still in Johnson’s magazine after he was killed. His only other magazine had not been fired. That means he could have shot at most, 4 additional rounds, but 8 other people were shot. How can this be?

The police however, fired off 14 rounds in their effort to kill the suspect. By my math, the most people that Johnson could have shot in addition to his coworker is 4. If in fact he shot and hit all those other 4 with the possible remaining rounds that are unaccounted for, then the police would have been responsible for shooting at least 4 citizens in their attempt to kill Johnson. It looks like, at least at this point, that the police shot almost as many innocent New York City residents than the “lone gunman.”

Although I have a slightly different idea about gun control than the pathetic fascist Bloomberg, I nonetheless believe in total gun control. I think all government workers, especially any like the police and military, should be banned from owning any weapon. The rest of us though, should all carry a weapon with us at all times. This would solve two problems. The government could not harm any citizen, while the citizens would be able to fully protect themselves from criminals. (especially the criminals in government) That kind of gun control is a win/win for liberty!



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