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The Objective of Government: Total Control of the Future Population of Serfs

Obama just recently outlined  a plan so that the government indoctrination of children could start at birth through 5 years by expanding preschool for those under 5 years of age. This would of course be paid for fully by the … Continue reading

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This farce called an election will be over (or will it?) tomorrow. I will be ecstatic for a couple of reasons. First, this sickening display of idiocy will be done with temporarily. Second, it is irrelevant who wins due to … Continue reading

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New Article Today On LRC!

My new article was just published today at, and I hope all will read it. You can find it here: Voting: A Fool’s Game!  

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Ralph Nader Got One Thing Right

Ralph Nader has rightfully called Obama a war criminal. He is certainly that and more, but Nader has said it publicly. Good for him! From an article in POLITICO: On issues related to the military and foreign policy, Obama’s worse than … Continue reading

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Voting Fraud, or is it the Fraud of Voting?

Once again, the “powers that be” have all but decided who half of you that vote will get to choose as your next supreme ruler. I hope you are all happy with the choices that have been made for you. It … Continue reading

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