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The Deafening Silence Of Apathy, And Inevitable War

Today, the western world “weeps” for France. Yesterday, and still, it “weeps” for those sister countries facing an influx of immigrants, immigrants that are for the most part victims of western policies. Tomorrow, for whom will the west weep? I … Continue reading

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I do realize that I have been very lax in my writing and covering of current events as of late. My apoligies. Although I have been very busy, and that will continue, I plan to write on a very regular … Continue reading

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Deserved Justice: Knockout Game Reversed

There are those times when the tables are turned in an appropriate manner. Just such a case happened at a Las Vegas mall recently. This brutal activity that is called the “Knockout Game” has been going on for some time … Continue reading

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Yet Another Police Shooting

A 23 year old Texas college student who graduated as valadictorian from Baytown Christian Academy, and was currently attending the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, was shot and killed by UIW campus policeman Chris Carter on Friday morning. The victim’s name … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Good Deed?

While I spend much time and effort researching and writing about the ills of this world, and the governments that cause most of these ills, a ray of light occasionally shines down. That light was evident this week in my … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing Blues (Fun!)

I will apologize to all for my absence from writing these few days. I am fly fishing with friends in the Teton Mountain range in Idaho and Wyoming until this coming Thursday, July 4th. I will return to writing and … Continue reading

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Web-host Down

As many of you know, my website was suspended and unavailable all day yesterday. In this case, it was not a government interference, but my web host closed my site without warning due to the death of my computer guy, … Continue reading

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Back In The Saddle

Good afternoon all. I have been on a business trip/vacation the past few days, and have been absent from writing. I apologize for the absence, but it is difficult to write when floating a river with a fly rod in … Continue reading

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Libertas Media Project: A Work For Liberty

I just wanted to introduce to my blog readers a project started recently by my friend and freedom fighter, Brian Wilson of radio fame. Brian has always been a magnificent radio host and personality, and has been involved in that business … Continue reading

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Boston Bombing: A False Flag And Cover Up

After looking at everything that has happened so far, and looking at video and other still pictures taken, looking at the mis-information, outright lies, constant changes in the story, and considering the two implicated Russians (oops, Americans) and all the … Continue reading

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