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Hitler in Control of America?

This quote from Lew Rockwell speaks volumes about the blind apathy and complete lack of knowledge of the American citizen. Apathy and ignorance at this level is brutally dangerous. “[Hitler] suspended the gold standard, embarked on huge public-works programs like … Continue reading

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Forced Detention Of Any American With “Respiratory Illness” Now Legal

“Those who do not move do not notice their chains.” ~ Rosa Luxemburg On April 4th, 2003, the Bush Administration put Executive Order 13295 into law. That order was supposedly signed in order to “protect” citizens due to Severe Acute Respiratory … Continue reading

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Constitutional Nonsense

I have discussed the inadequacies and downright corrupt nature of the U.S. Constitution on many occasions. The document itself was drafted in secrecy behind closed doors, and was in fact a successful coup orchestrated by Hamilton and his followers meant … Continue reading

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The Preparation And Planning Of Police State USA

The beginning of the militarization of America’s police forces began in 1967 with the introduction of a “Special Weapons and Tactics” (SWAT) team in Los Angeles created by Inspector Daryl Gates. Some argue that the first SWAT team was in … Continue reading

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What Does A Militarized Police State Look Like?

What does a militarized police state look like? To find out the answer to this question, one only has to look at the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, but that is only one town in one state. The local and state … Continue reading

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The Final Step In The U.S. Police State Expansion

By now, most all are aware of the horrific situation in Ferguson, Missouri that has resulted due to a teenager being murdered by a Ferguson police officer named Darren Wilson. The teenager was shot six times, with two of the … Continue reading

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FBI Continues Terrorist Plots

Terrorist plots in this country are almost non-existent, but the FBI continues to make sure that it manufactures enough fake scares so as to keep the sheep ever frightened. Actually, most every supposed terrorist threat is staged by the FBI, … Continue reading

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Catch Up

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been busy and not keeping up with my writing and reporting on the many dangerous things going on today. The fact is that things continue to spiral out of control. The situation on the … Continue reading

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Police State USA: It’s About Revenue, Intimidation And Control

Recently in Shelby County, Tennessee, a sheriff’s deputy stopped a man for driving with expired tags. In other words, he had not yet paid the state forced extortion fee for being allowed to go where he chose to go in … Continue reading

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First Degree Murder Of Camper By Albuquerque Police!

A 38 year old homeless man, James Boyd, was murdered by Albuquerque, New Mexico police for illegally camping. He was very cooperative, but was gunned down without mercy by these evil cretins in state issued costumes. The police claimed he … Continue reading

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