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The Slow Death of Julian Assange

The plight of Julian Assange continues to worsen. Some believe that he will have his day in court, but the odds of fair and impartial treatment for Assange are in my opinion zero. In a stroy on Druge this morning, … Continue reading

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New article on LRC

Lies Cannot Hide the Dark Side of Reality By: Gary D Barnett John McCain died Saturday, August 25, 2018. As expected, he is being lauded as a great American hero, is being called a special man, and being praised for … Continue reading

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Bowe Bergdahl: A Real Patriot

The story concerning the release and exchange for captured soldier Bowe Bergdahl continues to rule the mainstream headlines. In my opinion, the reasons for this are mostly political. At this time, the Republicans and the Democrats are duking it out, … Continue reading

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Catch Up

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been busy and not keeping up with my writing and reporting on the many dangerous things going on today. The fact is that things continue to spiral out of control. The situation on the … Continue reading

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First Degree Murder Of Camper By Albuquerque Police!

A 38 year old homeless man, James Boyd, was murdered by Albuquerque, New Mexico police for illegally camping. He was very cooperative, but was gunned down without mercy by these evil cretins in state issued costumes. The police claimed he … Continue reading

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What Is Really Going On?

I will begin with the 9/11 disaster. Every time I bring this up in mixed company, eyes roll and in many cases, I am called a conspiracy nut or any of several bad names. The reasons are not clear to … Continue reading

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9 Years Late: Marines Laughingly Pose While Mutilating Dead Iraquis

Beware the graphic and evil nature of these pictures and story at world News Daily showing U.S. Marines mutilating and burning dead Iraqis in Fallujah in 2004. This should have been exposed long ago, but at least this atrocity has now … Continue reading

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Police Acquitted for Gang Murder of Innocent Homeless Man

This is the result when an innocent citizen happens to be in the way or targeted by police in state issued costumes. This was Kelly Thomas shortly before he died due to a gang beating and killing by Orange County, … Continue reading

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U.S. Soldiers Exempt From Prosecution for Murder and Torture

Once again Afghanistan officials are being forced to abandon their investigations into the murder of Afghan citizens at the hands of American soldiers. Evidence shows that U.S. military forces committed acts including extrajudicial executions and torture of Afghan civilians, and … Continue reading

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The Evil Nature Of Veteran’s Day

I wrote an article in 2012 titled “Thank You For Your Service? No Thanks! I wrote that article due to the mass worship exhibited by the indoctrinated sheep in this country who use every opportunity to heap praise on those who … Continue reading

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