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A State Takeover Of All Children Coming Soon?

The lawmakers in Scotland have just voted unanimously, 103 to 0 (15 abstaining) approving a measure that would assign individual government overseers for each and every child in Scotland. These state appointed overseers would be in complete control of monitoring … Continue reading

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The Government’s Implementation Of A SWAT Controlled Society

In the distant past, SWAT raids were few and far between and were used for isolated events, mainly for what were considered dangerous situations. Even then these were often unnecessary and certainly threatening to liberty, but that was just the … Continue reading

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Being an Independent Individual Brings Government Brutality

The very last thing that government wants to tolerate is any freedom minded individual who is independent and self sufficient. The government considers those rugged individualists as a dire threat to its power. Since freedom and liberty depend fully on an attitude of … Continue reading

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Unconstitutional? No, Constitutional Failure

Here we go again with another corrupt court and a freedom destroying ruling. This is nothing new, but nonetheless very disturbing. For those few who love liberty, this ruling is another lesson learned about the tyrannical state, but for the … Continue reading

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The Total Corruption of the State

A U.S. District Judge, William Pauley, has stated in a written opinion that the National Security Agency’s (NSA) mass collection of the telephone records of Americans is completely legal. He gave this opinion by citing the September 11th, 2001 criminal … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Fascism

Ohio politicians have introduced Senate Bill 248, which would require any parent who wanted to homeschool to be forced by law to go through an investigation by social services. These bottom dwellers would decide and determine if they would permit that parent to … Continue reading

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Is the FBI Secretly Watching You on your Own Computer?

It should certainly not surprise anyone, especially those who read this blog, that the government and its “law enforcement” arms at the local, state and federal level are constantly spying on us lowly citizens. Just consider the recent revelations concerning … Continue reading

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The Police State Barbarians Are the Police Themselves

“If we have to get a warrant…We’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs.” This threat by the police was told directly to Kansas City, Kansas resident Eric Crinnian, who just happens to be an attorney. Those heathens in uniform had … Continue reading

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Blanket Spying by South Carolina Police

Every day it seems that more and more dangerous invasions of privacy take place, and at virtually every level of government from the local and state police, sheriff’s departments and of course the federal government. Now, there is another story … Continue reading

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The Militarization of Police Will Bring Dire Consequences

I talk often about the militarization of local and state police. I do so because I think it is one of the most instructive windows into the future, a gauge of just how far the state is willing to go. … Continue reading

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