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What Does A Militarized Police State Look Like?

What does a militarized police state look like? To find out the answer to this question, one only has to look at the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, but that is only one town in one state. The local and state … Continue reading

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The All Encompassing Power Of One Evil Man And The Future

The headlines this morning tell of one man, Barrack Obama, aggressively attacking and bombing Iraq. Of course, he is not personally bombing anyone, he is sending his complicit minions in the military and the children of others to do so, … Continue reading

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Negative Interest Rates: A Sign Of Economic Doom

News today revealed that the European Central Bank (ECB) has initiated negative interest rates for banks along with other measures in order to “stimulate” economic activity. These are the manipulating tactics that have led to bubbles and defaults, not to … Continue reading

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The Idiots In Washington D.C. Have Bitten Off More Than They Can Chew

I haven’t been writing much about Ukraine and the idiocy that has caused the turmoil there only because so many others have been doing so, and doing a great job. That is to say, all freedom and liberty minded individuals … Continue reading

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JPMorgan Bankers Continue To Die Amidst Fraud Investigation

A number of bankers so far since just the end of January have mysteriously committed suicide, or at least that is the official narrative. At least six have died, and four of them worked for JPMorgan. In addition, David Bird, … Continue reading

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Bernanke’s Lie to the Economically Ignorant Masses

As I was watching Bernanke being interviewed this morning due to his leaving the Federal Reserve, he made a statement that was not only an outright lie, but was made knowing that it would not be questioned. Bernanke said that … Continue reading

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Totalitarianism at High Speed

2014 has just begun, but in only the first three days of government ‘business,” 141 new regulations have been put into place. A staggering 119 of these new regulations (restrictions against the individual) actually establish a new rule. Imagine what the … Continue reading

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More Federal Bailouts: Welfare Checks to Detroit

The city of Detroit is now receiving a federal grant for $24,200,000.00 from a FEMA welfare program called Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Program, or SAFER. In  2012, Detroit received a $22,500,000.00 and a $5,600,000.00 grant from the SAFER welfare … Continue reading

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Eminent Domain Used as Bailout?

Only the government could come up with a plan to steal the people’s money through taxation in order to buy worthless mortgages, mortgages worth much less than the underlying properties, so that those worthless properties would not face foreclosure. How … Continue reading

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The Evil Nature Of Veteran’s Day

I wrote an article in 2012 titled “Thank You For Your Service? No Thanks! I wrote that article due to the mass worship exhibited by the indoctrinated sheep in this country who use every opportunity to heap praise on those who … Continue reading

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