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The Price of Speaking Truth to Power

Those who speak truth to power in this day and age should fully realize the wrath they will face. It is a very dangerous game, and not for the timid. All those who seek and expose the truth, especially concerning … Continue reading

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Julian Assange Granted Asylum By Ecuador

In the midst of the assault on those who tell the truth by the U.S. government, Julian Assange has been temporarily rescued by the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Instead of championing this courageous effort, U.S. and British officials are threatening … Continue reading

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White House Threatens Cybersecurity Executive Order

The Senate recently blocked cybersecurity legislation, but the White House (Obama) hasn’t ruled out issuing an executive order to “strengthen” defense against cyber threats, which is code language for taking over all private communications in this country. According to this article … Continue reading

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Obama Signs Executive Order To Take Over All Communications!

As reported yesterday, Obama has signed an Executive Order: “Assignment of national Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions.” There is much offensive liberty destructive language, but the most the most damning is Section 5.6., and it states: Sec. 5.6. The Federal Communications … Continue reading

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Internet Censorship!

Arizona’s state legislature has just passed a very sweeping Internet censorship bill. It is House Bill 2549, and is so broad that virtually any language used electronically can be deemed “offensive” by the state of Arizona. Anything sent through electronic communication … Continue reading

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