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The Slow Death of Julian Assange

The plight of Julian Assange continues to worsen. Some believe that he will have his day in court, but the odds of fair and impartial treatment for Assange are in my opinion zero. In a stroy on Druge this morning, … Continue reading

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The Price of Speaking Truth to Power

Those who speak truth to power in this day and age should fully realize the wrath they will face. It is a very dangerous game, and not for the timid. All those who seek and expose the truth, especially concerning … Continue reading

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Police Execution Of Homeless Man By Firing Squad

The police in the United States are not only out of control, but have become willing murderers for the state, and they commit these heinous crimes without any worry of prosecution. No one is safe from these cowards with guns … Continue reading

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The Total Corruption of the State

A U.S. District Judge, William Pauley, has stated in a written opinion that the National Security Agency’s (NSA) mass collection of the telephone records of Americans is completely legal. He gave this opinion by citing the September 11th, 2001 criminal … Continue reading

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Murderous Police Brutality in America

To preface this article, it is necessary to review some statistics that alone solidify the argument that the U.S. has become rampant with police state brutality and murder. In fact, the police, and mostly with complete immunity I might add, … Continue reading

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The State Petrified By Jury Nullification

State prosecutors in Washington are having panic attacks because a small billboard in the Judiciary Square Metro states the truth. There was an article in the Washington Post recently about this billboard and that truth it advocates. “Good jurors nullify bad … Continue reading

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Government Asset Forfeiture: Forceable “Legal” Theft

Michael Rozeff posted a blog today at Lew Rockwell about a U.S. government takings of private property in New York City that is valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The U.S. stole an extremely valuable commercial piece of property in … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Media Should Be On Trial

The jury in the Zimmerman case ruled of course that he was not guilty on any count. That was the only proper position they could have taken. After the verdict, riots, marches, civil unrest and threats of massive violence ensued … Continue reading

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