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More Federal Bailouts: Welfare Checks to Detroit

The city of Detroit is now receiving a federal grant for $24,200,000.00 from a FEMA welfare program called Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Program, or SAFER. In  2012, Detroit received a $22,500,000.00 and a $5,600,000.00 grant from the SAFER welfare … Continue reading

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The Real Reasons for the War in Afghanistan

The unwarranted and immoral war against Afghanistan began over 12 years ago, and this U.S. aggression is still active today. Yesterday, NBC News reported that this atrocious war in Afghanistan may be endless. This was due to NBC obtaining a security … Continue reading

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Eminent Domain Used as Bailout?

Only the government could come up with a plan to steal the people’s money through taxation in order to buy worthless mortgages, mortgages worth much less than the underlying properties, so that those worthless properties would not face foreclosure. How … Continue reading

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More And More Surveillance: This Time “Local”

The police in the city of Seattle, Washington have now purchased what is called a “mesh network.” This is a tracking device that is capable of tracking anyone using any piece of equipment that is Wi-Fi enabled. It gets worse. … Continue reading

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Obamacare Hits Home

When I arrived home last evening and went through my mail, I noticed a letter from my medical insurance carrier, Assurant Health. The letter was sent to explain that my private medical insurance would be discontinued, or in reality cancelled … Continue reading

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Chase Bank’s War On Cash Continued

As I wrote yesterday, Chase Bank beginning on November 17th, is severely restricting all cash transactions and all outgoing international wires for its business customers. This is not only a major problem but is extremely telling of what is to … Continue reading

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The Constitution Grants Congress Massive Powers …

Professor Michael Rozeff wrote a blog today at Lew Rockwell titled “The Congress shall Have Power to …” His point in this short blog was that while Congress has the power to do many things due to the powers given to … Continue reading

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It Pays to be in Bed With Feds

Laid off workers at Boeing, one of the largest defense contractors in the world, have been able to gain special privileges and money from the federal government, all at taxpayer expense of course. The article about this idiocy from the … Continue reading

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Home Schooling About Taxes

This comedic bit about teaching kids about taxes by Tim Slagle has been around a long time, but is the best I’ve seen. It is under 3 minutes, so have a chuckle and get a lesson at the same time … Continue reading

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Internet Tax Update

The tax bill that would mandate that all purchases on the Internet be taxed, the Marketplace Fairness Act, is awaiting a vote in the Senate. Yesterday, a test vote was taken, and that vote was 74 to 23 in favor of … Continue reading

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