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Fascism: The American Way of Life “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” ~Benito Mussolini Mussolini was not the originator of hatred of free markets and laissez faire, or of Fascism, a description more suited … Continue reading

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Pledging Allegiance (To the state) Requires the Mindset of a Slave

Allegiance: “the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her sovereign.” ( For those who joyfully recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the flag and nationstate, it might first be instructive … Continue reading

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Prescribing Psychotropic Drugs: Medical Manslaughter

When psychiatrists and doctors playing psychiatrists prescribe psychotropic drugs to patients, and dire medical consequences occur due to the taking of those drugs, they should be investigated and charged accordingly. If a patient dies or commits suicide due to taking … Continue reading

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A State Takeover Of All Children Coming Soon?

The lawmakers in Scotland have just voted unanimously, 103 to 0 (15 abstaining) approving a measure that would assign individual government overseers for each and every child in Scotland. These state appointed overseers would be in complete control of monitoring … Continue reading

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Homeschooling Fascism

Ohio politicians have introduced Senate Bill 248, which would require any parent who wanted to homeschool to be forced by law to go through an investigation by social services. These bottom dwellers would decide and determine if they would permit that parent to … Continue reading

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Police State Assault on Innocent Again and Again

Just 12 days ago, a vicious thug cop attacked an innocent teenager who was only attempting to diffuse a minor incident between two other students. This young  17 year old student, Noe Nino de Rivera, was attempting to break up … Continue reading

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Political Correctness Gone Berserk!

I do hesitate to write about such idiocy, but this story goes beyond even my tolerance for stupidity. No one should be surprised that this new kind of “racism” baloney comes from Portland, Oregon, the homeland to leftist absurdity. Apparently … Continue reading

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Surveillance And More Surveillance In The U.S. Police State

In Oakland, California, privacy has become a thing of the past. As I have discussed over and over again, local and state police due to federal dollars are fast becoming nothing more than domestic militarized forces bent on surveillance and … Continue reading

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“Students Suspended For Decorating School With American Flags …”

As one might expect, this was a headline on the Drudge Report this morning. These were just good little “patriots” attempting to worship the state in a manner consistent with nationalism, a most vile belief. That was apparently not acceptable … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown? If Only It Were True

Yes, this fascist government is once again threatening to “shut down.” If only that were so, we all would be much better off! The Obama administration and the Congress are planning to stage a coup in order to once again … Continue reading

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