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The Evil Nature Of Veteran’s Day

I wrote an article in 2012 titled “Thank You For Your Service? No Thanks! I wrote that article due to the mass worship exhibited by the indoctrinated sheep in this country who use every opportunity to heap praise on those who … Continue reading

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Another Shooting And False Reporting: Gun Control Coming!

By now, most everyone knows that a man at the Los Angeles Airport apparently shot several people, and killed one TSA agent in the process. The story has changed a few times already, so I don’t want to state anything … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown? If Only It Were True

Yes, this fascist government is once again threatening to “shut down.” If only that were so, we all would be much better off! The Obama administration and the Congress are planning to stage a coup in order to once again … Continue reading

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TSA Traumatizes Wheelchair Bound 12 Year Old Girl

The abuse of children continues at the hands of the abhorrent Transportation “Security” Administration (TSA). This time, it was a brutal and frightening search of a 12 year old wheelchair bound little girl, Shelbi Walser, who suffers from a degenerative … Continue reading

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State “Educators” Strip Search Fifth Grader

It’s not as if North Carolina has not been in the news repeatedly for “public” school offenses against children, but apparently, the state workers have not learned any lessons from past indiscretions. On December 6th, a fifth grade student was … Continue reading

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TSA Confiscates Passenger’s Camera For ‘Legally’ Filming Checkpoint

Paul Joseph Watson of wrote this story today about the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) violently taking a camera from a traveler in Puerto Rico, and deleting the content. The man in question, Tom McCormack, explained what happened as recorded in Watson’s … Continue reading

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TSA (Government) Intimidation!

The very evil Transportation “Security” Administration (TSA) is now walking around terminals of airports testing drinks for explosive material. Keep in mind that these drinks had to be purchased inside the terminal, after “security” checks had already been performed. This … Continue reading

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Prepare To Be Lasered By DHS!

According to this CBS news article, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will very soon have a laser scanner in use in airports across the country. This scanner will be able to “read people at the molecular level” from over 160 … Continue reading

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TSA To Take Over All Mass Transit Systems?

One of the most atrocious and hated government agencies, the Transportation Security Administration, (TSA) may gain massive power over all mass transit systems due to a new bill sponsored by Jackie Speier, Democrat from California. House Resolution 3140 (H.R. 3140) … Continue reading

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Airport Security (Tyranny) of the Future

Planned airport “security” in the future will test to the limit any who still believe in freedom and liberty. At Love Field in Dallas, a terminal is now being renovated, and 500 high-definition cameras are being installed. This is called … Continue reading

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