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New Article At LRC

Fascism: The American Way of Life “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” ~Benito Mussolini Mussolini was not the originator of hatred of free markets and laissez faire, or of Fascism, a description more suited … Continue reading

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I Can’t Believe That “Racism” Exists? Huh?

While the United States government and its military go around the world maiming, torturing and murdering millions of brown people in their quest for imperialism, the entire country is consumed with one white guy who doesn’t like black people. The … Continue reading

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“Knockout Game” Update

I wrote about these black on white racist attacks just yesterday, but since then much more has happened. A New York chef visiting Philadelphia was brutally attacked in what was described as another incident related to the “Knockout Game.” His … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Complicit in Black on White Racism

Hypocrisy abounds, but in the case of this so-called “Knockout Game,” the mainstream media’s purposeful silence as to the identity of the culprits is helping to shield these criminals from exposure. That in and of itself is very dangerous, and … Continue reading

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Political Correctness Gone Berserk!

I do hesitate to write about such idiocy, but this story goes beyond even my tolerance for stupidity. No one should be surprised that this new kind of “racism” baloney comes from Portland, Oregon, the homeland to leftist absurdity. Apparently … Continue reading

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All Quiet on the Navy Yard Front?

The biggest headline today concerning the Navy Yard killings was that the alleged shooter, Aaron Alexis, was “unhappy with his life in America.” Is that news, or does it have any direct impact on what happened at the Navy Yard? … Continue reading

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Race Misunderstanding and the Mainstream Media

While I hesitate to comment on this subject, there are a few things that need to be said concerning the recent brutality that is supposedly being done in the name of “racism.” What many fail to understand in my opinion … Continue reading

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The Zimmerman Trial Circus And Its Consequences

I have hesitated to write about this “show” trial staged by outside interests, in fact I had no intention of writing even a short blog. But what has happened is beyond the pale, and exposes the absolute corrupt nature of … Continue reading

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Jessie Jackson: Racist!

Here we go again. Jessie Jackson, agitator par excellence, is doing everything in his power to cause more hatred and trouble. He has gone “public,” and of course the media gives this irrelevant hack full coverage, and is calling for all blacks … Continue reading

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