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Unconstitutional? No, Constitutional Failure

Here we go again with another corrupt court and a freedom destroying ruling. This is nothing new, but nonetheless very disturbing. For those few who love liberty, this ruling is another lesson learned about the tyrannical state, but for the … Continue reading

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Is the FBI Secretly Watching You on your Own Computer?

It should certainly not surprise anyone, especially those who read this blog, that the government and its “law enforcement” arms at the local, state and federal level are constantly spying on us lowly citizens. Just consider the recent revelations concerning … Continue reading

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More And More Surveillance: This Time “Local”

The police in the city of Seattle, Washington have now purchased what is called a “mesh network.” This is a tracking device that is capable of tracking anyone using any piece of equipment that is Wi-Fi enabled. It gets worse. … Continue reading

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CIA Training Domestic Police: A Disaster in Waiting

When most in this country think about the CIA, they assume, and wrongly so, that this powerful, secretive agency is only involved in foreign affairs. Even if that were so, it would still be an evil institution, but apparently the … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden Granted Temporary Asylum in Russia

Today according to Edward Snowden’s attorney, he was granted temporary asylum in Russia. This allowed Snowden, who had been trapped at the Moscow airport for the past many weeks, the ability to move about freely. He is now free to … Continue reading

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The Michael Hastings “Assassination?”

About that Michael Hastings crash… (Thanks to Travis Holt of LRC) The death of journalist Michael Hastings in the fiery crash in California while devastating, was more than likely very convenient for those he was writing about. Let’s look at … Continue reading

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Unlimited Spying And Surveillance

The great Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian revealed on Wednesday that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting and storing millions upon millions of phone records from Verizon customers. Today, he revealed in an interview with Democracy Now a very … Continue reading

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FBI Wants More Surveillance To Achieve Total Control

As both corrupt political parties defend the government’s rights destroying practice of collecting telephone records of many millions of Americans from Verizon, the FBI is attempting through legal means and extortion to install a back door access to all U.S. … Continue reading

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Federal Government Cybersecurity Indoctrination Begins In Kindergarten

Janet Napolitano, dragon’s head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), said that they are developing the “next generation of leaders in cybersecurity” beginning in government schools for kids in kindergarten, and continuing through post graduate school. In a story from CNS … Continue reading

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The FBI’s Sinister Attack On Privacy

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is continuing its assault on the privacy of Americans, but each invasion not only destroys privacy, but allows for the constant surveillance of all of us; and without cause or warrant. The FBI is … Continue reading

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