What Chemical Weapons?

One of Drudge’s top headlines today reads: Isis jihadists ‘seize Saddam’s chemical weapons stockpile.’ This came from a piece in The Telegraph, although there was no story and absolutely no reference material supplied whatsoever to support this false accusation.

The headline was intended to incite panic and fear where none should exist. It was done only for inflammatory reasons, and surely achieved the objective sought as the apathetic, indoctrinated and ignorant populace of the U.S. and U.K. will accept this nonsense at face value.

Saddam had no chemical weapons as inspectors fully verified years ago. In addition, Saddam has been dead for almost 8 years. The U.S. military was in control of Iraq since 2003, and it has been verified that active chemical weapons have not been evident for many years. In fact, the chemical weapons that Saddam had and used in the past were allowed and most likely supplied by the U.S. and its allies. Those were destroyed long before Saddam’s death, so why these obvious lies?

For one, records indicate that the evil organization called ISIS was trained and funded by the U.S. in Syria. In other words, this terrorist group is another in the long string of U.S. funded terrorist organizations that do the bidding and create the violent coups sought by the U.S. government. Now, Obama is threatening to strike ISIS in Syria, the same ISIS that has been funded and supported by the Obama administration.

Once again, the mainstream media outlets prove that they are doing nothing more than reporting government propaganda used to fool the masses just as they have been instructed to do by their handlers, the U.S. government. Anyone looking at the mainstream press to find out the news will be forever left in the dark, or worse, they will be fed lies and misinformation set on advancing a particular government agenda.

What new conspiracy is now being affected by the Obama administration and the CIA? What sinister purpose will be served by new aggressions by the U.S. in Iraq? Will a restructure of borders in the Middle East that is desired by the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia be drawn up in the near future? The answers to these questions and more will most likely become apparent soon, and will expose the hegemonic motives of the now evil empire called the United States.




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Negative Interest Rates: A Sign Of Economic Doom

News today revealed that the European Central Bank (ECB) has initiated negative interest rates for banks along with other measures in order to “stimulate” economic activity. These are the manipulating tactics that have led to bubbles and defaults, not to any real increase in economic activity. It is also a sign of a dying economy brought on by Keynesian monetary policies and central planning by the state.

In addition to actual negative interest rates being instituted when commercial banks park their surplus money, these same banks will get an interest rate incentive, very cheap money in other words, to borrow from the same central bank that is imposing the negative rates. The stated objective is to attempt to force more lending by the member banks to business, thereby helping to increase economic activity. The more banks lend, the more they can borrow, thereby increasing the supply of money and credit, and forcing business activity where none is desired by private capital. While this may sound plausible to those who do not understand the underlying risks involved, it is nothing more than a stratagem of desperation.

The ECB cut its rate of interest paid to banks from zero to -0.1, and its benchmark rate from 0.25% to 0.15%. This is the first major central bank to go to a negative interest rate, but it will not be the last.

One of the reasons I am talking about this matter is because I would expect the same strategy to be implemented by the Federal Reserve Bank here in the U.S. in the not to distant future. As far as I’m concerned, this is just the next step in what will turn out to be a failure of policy by the central banks to prop up an economy that has already been decimated by those same central bank’s interference and manipulation.

This will be another step in the destruction of savings, and in the expansion of credit. Since savings is what drives positive economic activity, and consumption can only be a result of that savings, without the benefit of that savings, economies will eventually implode. This could cause the ultimate in what might be described as a universal economic domino theory, and one that would cause massive economic distress around the globe.



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Bowe Bergdahl: A Real Patriot

The story concerning the release and exchange for captured soldier Bowe Bergdahl continues to rule the mainstream headlines. In my opinion, the reasons for this are mostly political. At this time, the Republicans and the Democrats are duking it out, but this may come back to haunt the Obama administration more given the latest revelations about Bergdahl’s “desertion.” If real freedom were to exist in this country, no one would be forced to stay in the military, and certainly no one would be forced to kill others on orders with which they disagreed, but the U.S. military considers all who originally volunteer as slaves to the state.

In my mind, any soldier who is against aggressive war and refuses to murder innocents on orders is nothing less than a hero. I wish large numbers of soldiers had the common morality and courage to do the same. If so, wars of aggression and occupation could not go forward, but expecting that to happen in this society of false exceptionalism and brainwashed citizens is a pipe dream.

Part of the idiocy of the media now revolves around those who died attempting to capture Bergdahl. Since it was apparent that Bergdahl had walked away for what I consider legitimate reasons having to do with conscience, and had voluntarily left his post, then any effort to bring him back was not one bent on saving a fellow soldier, but one of capture and punishment. Those then who acted on orders to go after him did so voluntarily, and their fate was not the fault of Bergdahl, but of their own making.

story in Mail Online today revealed the pictures of those soldiers who died in their supposed effort to save or capture Bergdahl, but is that the real story? Sure, it looks damning when pictures of soldiers who died looking for one of their own are posted for all to see, but was that done out of sympathy or for disingenuous reasons? It is obvious to me that the latter is the case here.

Nothing was said about the fact that the U.S. military has been in Afghanistan , and much of the rest of the world for that matter, for fraudulent reasons and lies. Nothing was said about the slaughter of those people in this war of aggressive occupation over the past 13 years. Nothing was said about the hundreds of thousands killed in the Middle East by U.S. soldiers intent on maim and murder, and nothing was said about the fact that most all causalities have been civilians. In truth, aren’t all those fighting against the U.S. forces in Afghanistan protecting their own homes, families and countrymen from aggressive attack, which would make them the real patriots? What that means is that the American forces committing these atrocities against others in foreign lands are the real terrorists!

The other side of this political staging by Obama is the release of five prisoners from Guantanamo Bay for the exchange for Bowe Bergdahl. Those prisoners have been held and most likely tortured for a long time, all without any due process whatsoever. They were held without any formal charges and no right to trial, so their release was proper regardless of other outstanding circumstances. But in this case, Obama may have bitten off more than he can chew, because the Republicans will use this to crucify him in the eyes of the state indoctrinated masses.

Obama did release prisoners being held without any legal protection, but he did not do so for honorable or honest reasons. He did so in order to cover up other administration problems by creating the more sensational mainstream news concerning the release and exchange of an American soldier.

Nothing in politics is ever what it seems, and is most always meant to serve another purpose. This is the way of the American governmental system, one of fraud, deceit, dishonesty and corruption. With that said, one thing is clear to me. Bowe Bergdahl is a true patriot and hero, and has acted on his principles and moral fortitude. It takes much more courage for one to go against the nation state’s agents of force in the military than it does to simply go along. While his courage will most likely not be rewarded, his mind should be clear and unburdened of the guilt and shame that consumes many other soldiers after they return home knowing the evil they have committed in heinous imperial wars of aggression.


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FBI Continues Terrorist Plots

Terrorist plots in this country are almost non-existent, but the FBI continues to make sure that it manufactures enough fake scares so as to keep the sheep ever frightened. Actually, most every supposed terrorist threat is staged by the FBI, and made public later in order to fool the people into thinking that all threats are real. This is nothing more than a ruse to affect fear.

The latest is in the case of a Washington man who was set up by the FBI to supposedly blow up several buildings. This was called an “elaborate FBI sting,” but was nothing more than an FBI purposely structured terrorist event. This is the way that the FBI bureaucracy continues to justify its existence. It does this by structuring and planning terrorist plots, and duping would be “terrorists” into its web of deceit.

Man Arrested In FBI Sting Found Dead In Federal Custody Gillette 224x300Image: Larry Gillette (Department of Corrections).

The dupe in this particular plot, Larry Gillette, is pictured above, and was set up by an FBI undercover officer who supplied him with inoperable weaponry, including guns and a bomb. One has to assume, and that would be an assumption based on the so-called perpetrator’s total ignorance of weapons, that Gillette had no knowledge whatsoever about weaponry, and relied entirely on his supplier for his “honesty” and without concern.

After the FBI solved the case that they had knowingly set up, they sent this patsy back to federal prison, where he was found dead within a few days after he had been returned. How convenient for the FBI, as now there are no witnesses to their staged crime of terrorism. Of course, this will be ruled a suicide, but apparently Gillette had not attempted to commit suicide at any time in the past while he was in prison.

As reported by Prison Planet:

While no evidence currently points to foul play, the FBI’s history of executing people in their custody, most recently seen with Ibragim Todashev, who was shot 7 times execution style in his home, begs the question. Aside from Gillette’s death, the circumstances surrounding his initial arrest are nearly identical to every other FBI terror sting in one specific way.

There has been scheme after scheme by the FBI in which they staged false terrorism events in order to justify their existence, as well as to strike massive fear in the public. These false flag type terrorist plots are done for a specific reason, but never have anything whatsoever to do with defending the public or outing any real threat. These are political, and meant only as a way to gain more control over the individual in society.

Will the pathetic sheep in this country ever awaken and realize that they are being manipulated, while the FBI and the rest of government are planning and plotting to take total control of the United States through some form of martial law or military rule?


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I Can’t Believe That “Racism” Exists? Huh?

While the United States government and its military go around the world maiming, torturing and murdering millions of brown people in their quest for imperialism, the entire country is consumed with one white guy who doesn’t like black people. The ridiculous nature of this idiocy and mainstream media frenzy over such a common behavior is mind boggling.

Any human with a brain that travels across this country would be very hard pressed to not find white on black or black on white hatred, or at least contempt due to skin color. The last time I thought about it, no one on this earth has any say as to what color they are because before they are actually born their fate is set. Therefore, we should all treat each other with respect unless given a good reason not to do so.

But that is not reality. Hatred consumes so many in this country as well as in some others. There is not one single area of the United States where name calling and hatred of one group or another is not prevalent, even in small towns in my state of Montana. I grew up in Arkansas in the 60s, so I have seen the real deal, but it seems to me that mutual respect was more common then than it is today. Why on earth is that the case?

Today we have a complicit government and media who revel in exposing and sensationalizing every single bit of what they refer to as “racism” so long as it involves someone or some entity of importance that can be sensationalized. If any news reporter were to walk into any pub across the country, or walk the streets of towns and cities, he would find all the derogatory language, the racist remarks, the outright hatred of one group or another everywhere. That won’t be reported however, because it will not gain enough press.

All these black stars in sports and in Hollywood speaking out about the Clippers’ owner, and those media hacks looking to stir up trouble, are simply using certain circumstances to blow out of proportion the so-called “racist” society they need to exist in order to make them look more holy than the rest of us. If they spent five minutes listening to inner city conversations or rap songs, they should be just as if not more offended, but that would not serve to enhance their false agenda.

The Clippers’ owner is a bad person, but so are many of those condemning him, Yes there are racists and bigots in this country. I even met a couple of those types this afternoon in small town Montana. This is true of both whites and blacks, as well as some others who cling to their accidental skin color as some sort of badge of honor. It is not, it is simply irrelevant.

The morality of the individual will not be changed by force. It will not suddenly become more loving and caring due to those out there screaming for tolerance. The majority of people living in the U.S. are good people who live their own lives without constantly worrying about what color their neighbor happens to be. But there are many who are just plain ignorant, both black and white, who choose to dwell on the uncontrollable moral behavior of others, and attempt through threats and force to change the core mentality of other humans. That is an impossible task, and the grandstanding by those those well known and famous does nothing but create a larger divide amongst the masses. Their efforts do nothing to solve the problem, but only to enhance it.

I was taught to have respect for every single person I met unless given a good reason not to do so. I was taught that lesson, the Golden Rule for those who have never been exposed to such sound logic, by my wonderful parents, not by listening to the self serving idiots in the mainstream press. Maybe if we all talked together and lived together without listening to government and media propaganda, that lesson would be more easily learned by people of all races and ethnicities.

So long as American people keep their heads in the proverbial sand and allow the government to continue to slaughter human beings around the world, why should any expect that the common mass of people here would understand morality and common decency, and condemn as a whole the divisiveness and hatred that is so commonplace today?

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Catch Up

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been busy and not keeping up with my writing and reporting on the many dangerous things going on today. The fact is that things continue to spiral out of control.

The situation on the Bundy ranch in Nevada is not over, and it is my opinion that the feds will affect a violent raid within the next few days to few weeks on their homes. There is no way that the federal government agents will allow this rancher to beat them. If that were to actually happen, the rest of the sheep in this country might gain some sort of a spine and actually stand up to their masters. That will not be allowed, and the only way for the feds to assure that the people remain in line is to use the Bundys as an example. I think in the dark of night or very early morning hours very soon that the agents of force in the government will finish this standoff in brutal fashion.

The situation in Ukraine is also worsening, and at an accelerated pace. Threats from U.S. government officials have been ratcheting up lately, with more government posturing about tougher economic sanctions against Russia. This is happening at the same time as the U.S. is funding the evil rogue government installed by the U.S. in Ukraine. The terrorist rebels who do the bidding of the new ruling class in Ukraine, the same ruling class controlled by the U.S. and the same rebels responsible for killing innocent protestors and the previous regime’s government police, are also being funded. The U.S. is enriching the pockets of those they put in power, those who would also do whatever they are instructed to do to advance tensions between the U.S. and Russia. Nothing reported by any mainstream press about this situation should be believed unless fully verified by facts. It is unlikely that any facts will be present.

As to the localized and domestic police state activities, they continue to escalate at an alarming pace. Thirty four armed police thugs recently raided an innocent wedding party in Galveston, Texas attempting to peacefully have a reception event. They beat, tasered and terrorized the guests, physically harming many. More than a dozen were brutalized over what was “suspected” by an off duty police cretin as an open container violation outside the hotel. It doesn’t take much of an excuse for the police state scum to escalate any situation to the point of horrible violence or killing. Next, there will be  deadly collateral damage done at the expense of wedding and funeral guests domestically just as is being done by murderous drone attacks by the U.S. against innocents overseas.

The police state of America is gaining steam and those agents of brutal force charged with taking orders from the government are not afraid to use any amount of force against U.S. citizens. The individual cases are horrific, and include beatings, torture and murder.

If we as a people do not stop this insanity by state thugs, we will all suffer under the thumb of brutal tyranny, tyranny that has no heart and no soul, and that has total disregard for justice or human decency. The U.S. government and its agents of violence need to be stopped by whatever means necessary in order to gain back any real sense of justice. If they are not stopped, we will all face widespread martial law.


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I do realize that I have been very lax in my writing and covering of current events as of late. My apoligies. Although I have been very busy, and that will continue, I plan to write on a very regular basis again beginning today. There are so many things going on, many of them extremely dangerous, that it is important for all those who can to expose these events. Once again, thanks for all your interest in freedom and liberty, and for your continued support.

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Police State USA: It’s About Revenue, Intimidation And Control

Recently in Shelby County, Tennessee, a sheriff’s deputy stopped a man for driving with expired tags. In other words, he had not yet paid the state forced extortion fee for being allowed to go where he chose to go in his vehicle. The problem was that the man stopped by deputy Micah McNinch, Wayne Ables, was rushing his mother to the hospital that was less than a mile away when he was accosted by the sheriff’s deputy.

The woman in question, Vernice Ables, was 83 years old and suffering from a lung condition and could not breathe. Instead of escorting this man and his mother immediately to the hospital, the cretin cop in a state issued costume decided to call for an ambulance while keeping this man and his mother hostage while continuing to issue a revenue gathering ticket. Her failing and obvious medical distress was not considered by this sheriff’s deputy, and during the wait for the ambulance, the woman died in her son’s vehicle.

This poor woman was gasping for air and suffering greatly, but apparently, this deputy without a soul felt that beating down a citizen for an expired license plate was more important than the life of this woman.

Was this a lapse in judgment, a complete loss of common sense or just today’s standard police operating procedure of intimidation, control and submission of the serf like populace that now resides in this country?

There are two things that stand out in this very sad incident. First, the sheriff’s deputy in question completely ignored the dire medical situation of Vernice Ables, and proceeded to use police state tactics in order to force the submission of Wayne Ables and his mother, all for the sake of  a minor traffic ticket. His training by the state becomes perfectly evident, that of treating the citizenry with no respect or compassion.

Secondly, why did Wayne Ables risk his mother’s death by stopping when he was literally just one minute or so from the hospital? Why did he not ignore the police and continue on to his destination, one that could have saved the life of his mother? There could be several answers to these questions. He could have been brainwashed into believing that he has an obligation to obey state gendarmes regardless of the situation. He could have been frightened due to knowledge about the brutal behavior of today’s militarized police in the U.S., and rightfully feared for his life. He could due to his lifetime of state indoctrination have been conditioned to never dissent and never to act for his own self interest or that of his family.

Regardless of the reasons, in my opinion he should have put his mother’s health first. It is a sad state of affairs when almost the entire population stands in fear of doing the right thing due only to fear of the nation state apparatus. It is time to ignore bad laws and police state tactics, and act like responsible human beings. It is time to use active dissent instead of wallowing in perpetual fear!

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First Degree Murder Of Camper By Albuquerque Police!

A 38 year old homeless man, James Boyd, was murdered by Albuquerque, New Mexico police for illegally camping. He was very cooperative, but was gunned down without mercy by these evil cretins in state issued costumes. The police claimed he threatened a K-9 officer, a German Shepard dog in other words, this after the dog had been let loose to attack him. In addition, the police fired a flash bang grenade at this man’s feet just before they released the police dog, and without any apparent reason to do so.

The escalation of this absolute insane and deadly aggression by Albuquerque police was bad enough, but what followed was even more demonic. These heavily armed employees of this police state, used brutal and deadly force against a helpless man for what was called a crime of camping on so-called “public” property. After the murder by shooting in the back this innocent man, the police allowed their dog to mutilate the body as they shot him again, and then handcuffed him after he was dead in an apparent attempt to feign fear for their sorry lives.

This video that is uncut was not shown by the mainstream media, but can be seen on this report by Alex Jones at InfoWars.com. The video is very graphic, and is detailed by Jones in the above referenced report. This was nothing more than sadistic murder by the New Mexico state gendarmes in Albuquerque of a man who was only seconds before the shooting, talking and acting very calmly with police in an attempt to cooperate with them.

In just the past three years, the Albuquerque Police Department has shot 37 people, killing 23 of them. They have also been involved in any number of brutal assaults on victims whether innocent or not, including what would be considered acts of torture. Albuquerque it seems is a hotbed of militarized police who are completely out of control, killing on a regular basis the citizens who falsely believe them to be their protectors.

The local and state police in the U.S. have become completely militarized, and act as if they are in a war zone when patrolling their own back yards. They are brutal, they are murderous and they are now above the law. Each and every killing committed by these heavily armed cretins is justified by the state officials, this lending credibility to actual murder by police.

Since the killing of James Boyd took place, the Albuquerque police have murdered yet another unarmed citizen by shooting him in the head. This murder was prosecuted in broad daylight with witnesses present. The police attempted to confiscate all the cell phones of witnesses immediately following this shooting, but thankfully, a video of this murder was released and is available here at Prison Planet.

While the Albuquerque police are guilty of multiple heinous murders of unarmed citizens, these atrocities are also taking place all around the country. The U.S. police state must be destroyed and completely dismantled before there is no way to stop this madness. The militarization of police has turned what used to be considered neighborhood defenders into cold blooded murderers. These same murderers will be the ones manning the streets of America when martial law is declared in your community or state.

My advice to any who choose to travel is to stay far away from Albuquerque, New Mexico. It has become the poster child city for police brutality and murder!

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A State Takeover Of All Children Coming Soon?

The lawmakers in Scotland have just voted unanimously, 103 to 0 (15 abstaining) approving a measure that would assign individual government overseers for each and every child in Scotland. These state appointed overseers would be in complete control of monitoring the development of every child up to the age of 18 years, and would have legal authority, authority above that of parents, to demand how children are to be raised. This was done under provisions outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

Yes, this happened in Scotland, and although it is already being challenged in court, this seems to be the direction sought by nations around the world, including the United States. In my opinion, whether challenged in court or not, any parent giving up the rights to their own children would not be fit to be parents in the first place. What will have happened when the State frightens and intimidates parents so much, that they would give up their own offspring?

The article from the New American concerning this tyrannical vote by Scottish lawmakers can be found here.

The U.S. government has virtually taken over the raising of children in this country by the use of it indoctrination centers called “public” (government) schools. Considering that most parents give up their parental duties when children reach about 3 years of age, and even younger in many instances, the state has been able to direct the majority of children in a direction that leads them to become good little citizens without the ability to think critically. One does not have to look very far to see that young adults today do not have a desire to be individuals, but believe they should be a cog in the wheel of their community, state or nation. This is what they are taught almost from birth, and the training administered by the state has been very effective.

What is happening in Scotland is not isolated to Scotland, and many lawmakers in the U.S. today would be in favor of similar legislation. It is imperative if liberty is to survive at any level, that this tyrannical insanity not be allowed to go forward in America. Once the children are fully controlled by government from cradle to adulthood, the future will be void of any freedom whatsoever. In other words, the first generation fully guarded and indoctrinated by government mandate will lead to all future generations being dumbed down, indoctrinated and controlled.

This type of control by government if attempted should be stopped by whatever means are necessary to protect the sanctity of the family.


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